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Derryl Gabel: An Afternoon with Derryl Gabel Blu-ray

An Afternoon with Derryl Gabel Blu-ray Edition


The Gear
The Sounds

Have you ever wished you could go to your favorite guitar player’s studio and look at what gear they’re using, settings for amps and FX, and browse their library of books, videos and albums? Me too! That’s why I made this video. Quite often I get asked these questions and a lot more so I made this video for you. In this hour and a half video I cover these topics along with what software I use for recording, practicing, and transcribing. I’ve included screen shots of all my amp and FX settings so that you can dial them in using your own equipment. For those that have an Axe FX Ultra or the Axe II I have all my patches saved as sysx files for you to simply upload to your unit with no programming needed! I’ve also included screen shots of the plugin settings I use as well explaining how to record dry while monitoring a wet sound. As a bonus, you’ll see footage of me playing one of my favorite solos from a legendary player and I’ve even included the transcription as well! So sit back and relax while I share with you some information that has taken me years to figure out. Enjoy! Click here to watch a video clip.

All examples are transcribed in tab and standard notation. These will be included with the download version in the Power Tab and PDF formats. All DVD and Blu-ray orders include the download version. Once your order is placed you will be directed to a link for the download. If you are ordering a DVD or Blu-ray your package will arrive in 3 to 5 business days if you live in the US. Outside the USA takes 7 to 10 business days or longer depending on location.

Allan Holdsworth Funnels Guitar Solo

Wes Hauch,Ryan Glisan: New Project - metal alert!

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Ryan Glisan playing a little solo sample....

News: Metal Armada - You want metal news... we got metal news

"If it's METAL,l we F*CKIN' POST ABOUT IT." Metal Armada is a MEtal news and Metal Band promotional page.


News: Documentary Film Follows Legendary Police Drummer Stewart Copeland Throughout 3-Year Journey

Documentary Film Follows Legendary Police Drummer Throughout 3-Year Journey from Commission to Performance of World Music Composition “Gamelan D’Drum
 (9/9/2013 – Los AngelesProducer of Dallas-based world music ensemble group D’Drum, John Bryant has launched a nationwide Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for his upcoming documentary film Dare to Drum – A Musical Journey with Stewart Copeland, D’Drum & theDallas Symphony Orchestra. The film follows the drummer of legendary rock band The Police, Stewart Copeland alongside D’Drum and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra under Maestro Jaap Van Zweden chronicling the eventful 3-year musical adventure – culminating in the Dallas Symphony’s performance of Copeland’s thrilling, 37-minute concerto for world percussion and orchestra entitled, Gamelan D’Drum.

Gamelan is a traditional Indonesian music typically from the islands of Java and Bali. Featuring a variety of percussion instruments, it is an important part of Indonesian culture, The exotic tuning of the instruments used in Gamelan music sound totally foreign to the Western ear and are tuned to a completely different scale than symphonic instruments making for a challenging musical collaboration.

This film focuses on the creation of Gamelan D’Drum and chronicles D’Drum’s 20-year transcultural mission to digest the music of Indonesia, Africa, Persia and beyond -- juxtaposed with Copeland’s role as composer who must successfully connect disparate worlds of pitch, harmony and polyrhythm. The resulting musical piece fuses exotic instruments, rhythms and sounds with traditional orchestral instruments and Western artists creating “music that must be seen to be heard.” 

Exclusive kickback rewards for the “Dare to Drum” crowdfunding campaign include a private recording session with Copeland at his Sacred Grove Studios; a 2-hour private drum lesson with Copeland hosted at Drum Channel Studios; a private performance from D’Drum, signed Stewart Copeland snare drum from TAMA; a Stewart Copeland signature Blue Bell ride cymbal from Paiste, autographed Remo drum heads, and personally autographed Stewart Copeland signature drum sticks from Vater among others.

“This film marks the culmination of a 3-year journey that spanned the globe and brought together over 60 incredibly talented orchestra musicians with the five world percussionists of D'Drum. Our hope is that this Kickstarter campaign will provide us with the necessary funding to complete production and most importantly funds with which to pay these incredible artists for their performances,” says Bryant who also serves as the film’s producer/director.

Jeff Richman: The Line Up - available from Bandcamp

Jeff Richman: The Line Up
The Line Up consists of 12 new tracks exploring and expanding the boundaries of contemporary jazz. Together, the odd metered time signatures, key changes, rhythm variations, polyphony, improvisation and tempos are overcome by the band as they weave in and out of these original compositions by Richman. On three of the tracks Richman, Forman, Taylor and Taba take artistic liberties into their own hands with their shared composition of jam tracks “It’s All One”, “Square Root” and “Right Here, Right Now”. While recording, Richman imposes challenges on himself and the band to grow and capture a bigger audience; to include them in on the musical journey. There is an inherent sense throughout the CD that gives the listener the impression that Richman and the band want the listener to experience the same fun, challenges, joy, conflict and sorrow as they do when performing. It’s not forced and it happens organically, as if each song is a conversation. The melody masquerades as the topic, ideas get passed around between the artists and the audience is allowed to eavesdrop; the invisible barrier between talent and audience being removed.

Guitarist Jeff Richman has enjoyed success on the jazz scene for nearly 35 years. His guitar playing is cited as tasteful and articulate, with room to breathe. He is recognized by and associated with the other luminaries of the fusion and contemporary jazz. His guitar is heard the world over. On this new release, his tone rises above with something unique that can’t quite be described. It is the impression of a barebones approach that has simplified his tone but made it gigantic. He uses his go to Fender Strats and Teles, a Jim Hall Sadowsky, a silver faced Marshall Jubilee but this time there is something else in the water.

Throughout his career, Richman has recorded and performed with the crème de la crème of talent. He has discovered and forged a solid rapport with each member of the band. Now he successfully brings them together to form one cohesive unit that seems untouchable on this recording. As Richman sums it up, “This is the band. This is what I’ve wanted to achieve. I know I can go anywhere in the world with these guys and it will be an amazing time for us and the fans. It feels good, it sounds good, and I can’t wait to take this show out on the road.”
released 18 October 2011
Jeff Richman Guitar
Mitchel Forman Keyboards
Joel Taylor Drums
Dean Taba Bass

Leonardo Guzman: Latin tinged version of Marco Sfogli - The Reaction

Leonardo Guzman: Quick cover I made while waiting for a student! I hope you dig! :D, not to serious :P

Marco Sfogli "Great, awesome job Leo!"
Alex Argento "Sounds cool"

Leonardo Guzman - The Reaction (Marco Sfogli - Cover)

Danielle Gottardo: mixing of the string quartet of my new album

Danielle Gottardo: Hi guys, yesterday I started the mixing of the string quartet of my new album: tripling of the strings using reamping, and bouncing the digital recording to tape. Sounds cool!

Ciao ragazzi, ieri ho iniziato il missaggio dei quartetto d'archi del mio nuovo album: abbiamo triplicato gli archi utilizzando reamping e fatto il passaggio analogico su nastro. :-)

Check out the small sample Strings bouncing

Frank Steffen Mueller: The Knaggsters "Jam 1"

The Knaggsters "Jam 1" - Frank Steffen Mueller

Angelo Comincini: great version of Allan Holdsworth - Tokyo dream from Wardenclyffe Tower

Allan Holdsworth: "Tokyo dream" (from "Wardenclyffe Tower + 3)
Angelo Comincini: Allan Holdsworth "Tokyo dream" (from "Wardenclyffe Tower + 3)

Alicyn Yaffee: Slip Away- Pat Metheny and clinic appearance

Me playing Pat's solo on Slip Away from the Album Letter From Home.

John Stowell clinic with Alicyn Yaffee at Guitar Workshop

Alicyn Yaffee will also play a tribute to Emily Remler clinic.

Atanas Shishkov: demos Vigier Excalibur amd Axe-Fx with On The Way by Jack Thammarat

Vigier Excalibur Guitar
Fractal Audio Axe-Fx
Fender & Klotz cables
Elixir strings - 9-46"
Bone pick

Joop Wolters: Arpeggio String skipping Exercise

Paul Gilbert style exercise

Joop Wolters: the eg interview

Morten Faerestrand: Triad Pairs Using Harmonic Minor

Triad Pairs Using Harmonic Minor - Play jazzy lines on 7 (b13) chords
Jazz Guitar Secrets by

Jamie Humphries: Wizards Of Oz Quick Licks Performance

Wizards Of Oz Quick Licks Performance With Jamie Humphries Jamie Humphries brings together the guitar styles of Tony Iommi, Randy Rhoads, Jake E Lee, Zakk Wylde and Gus G in this performance. This performance is from the Quick Licks Wizards Of Oz DVD.

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Gus Drax: Inside Four Walls

Gus Drax - Inside Four Walls (Nevermore Cover)
Hey guys and girls

Here is another cover from one of my favorite bands...Nevermore.This time i played "Inside Four Walls" from the album "Dead Heart In A Dead World".
All rights go to Nevermore.

Audio Edit by Gus Drax
Video shooting and editing by Steve Drax

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Stay Tuned

Nick Ioannou: British-Made Chapman Guitars ML-1 - prototype

The untold story of the three prototype British Chapman Guitars ML-1's.

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George Marios: John Mayer / Jonny Lang licks for Lick Library Click to get the free guitar tab!
George Marios provides a free lick Inspired by the writing style of John Mayer and Jonny Lang this riff focuses more on the rhythmic element and as such could be applied easily to your own riffs and licks in a similar style.

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Cameron Losch: trying some new djental ideas

Cameron Losch is toying with some new ideas.

Cameron Losch - pre pro 2

Alex Machacek,Gary Husband: NOW - the new album details

Gary Husband & Alex Machacek- NOW

“Gary Husband and Alex Machacek have co-created an amazing piece of modern music which goes beyond categories…” – Chick Corea

Now brings together two maverick voices of contemporary improvisation in a engaging, open-hearted conversation. Collaborating as a duo for the first time, pianist Gary Husband and guitarist Alex Machacek opt for a spare, stripped-down approach that highlights their intuitive, borderline-telepathic interplay across a program of original compositions. Whether locked in dazzling unison runs or gracefully yielding to evocative, sparse passages, Husband and Machacek prove to be both formidable performers and remarkably attuned listeners – making their collaboration a vibrant, exchange in which one voice supports, enhances, and enriches the other.

“Before this session,” Husband explains, “we had performed and recorded together just a few times—and it’s been predominantly an electric situation that involved me as a drummer.” With multi-instrumentalist Husband sticking to piano and Machacek on tastefully toned electric guitar and acoustic guitar, Now’s nine resonant, exploratory tracks find immense common ground between the two players. “Once we started playing,” Husband continues, “it became clear to me that we were going to be on the same page somewhat, with a quintessential European quality to the writing and playing, along with references to classical, folk, and even bluegrass idioms.”

The result is a profound, stirring experience that is eminently accessible on the surface — but that also rewards deep listening.

Among the most renowned musical minds of Britain’s fertile post-fusion instrumental improv scene, Gary Husband has won equal acclaim as a drummer, composer, and pianist — having performed and recorded alongside such visionaries as Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Beck, Robin Trower, Jack Bruce, Billy Cobham, Andy Summers, Mike Stern, and many more. Since 2005, he has been seen on keyboards and second drum kit with John McLaughlin’s band, the 4th Dimension. Hailing from Austria and now based in Los Angeles, guitarist Alex Machacek has rapidly emerged as a vital force in contemporary fusion circles as both a quick-witted improviser and a startlingly original composer. No less than John McLaughlin remarked that “Alex Machacek’s music starts where other music ends.” Working as a sideman and bandleader, he has been heard in the company Terry Bozzio, Eddie Jobson, Jeff Sipe, John Wetton, Virgil Donati and others.

Gary Husband and Alex Machacek have co-created an amazing piece of modern music which goes beyond categories with “Now”. The compositions and forms that they have made to expand and improvise with are adventurous and magical. The duet is an orchestra unto itself and the players are obviously very comfortable within each others’ universes. They have taken good care of the sonics of the recording as well with a wonderfully rich sound and perfect mix.

Congratulations my friends!

Chick Corea – 2013
Track List

01. Gently
02. Bing of the Vale
03. Forever and Beyond
04. Gaggia
05. City Nights 2013
06. Austrian Bluegrass
07. Cinema Lullaby
08. BlaBlaBla
09. Spring Song