Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Alexander Davis: Improv Jam over "Ice Cold" guitar synth fusion

Improv Jam over "Ice Cold" backing track - Fusion Guitar Facebook Group Weekly Jam

    Hi guys, something a bit different here, got a couple of improv jams over this weeks backing track here, first one just a standard electric 

    Bruno Palma: Improvisation Joe Satriani Style

    Bruno Palma: Improvising on a BT-style musician Joe Satriani. Ibanez Guitars Cables Santo Angelo

    Improviso Joe Satriani Style por Bruno Palma

    Paul Rose: Green Blues - one helluva great bluesy rock player - you can learn a lot from this guys note shaping

    Paul Rose - Green Blues

    A short blues using the superb Vintage Lemon Drop Les Paul made by Trevor Wilkinson. Plugged directly into a Universal Audio 610mkII

    Andy James: Guitar Academy Pentatonic Lesson - shredding the pentatonic scale

    Andy James Guitar Academy Pentatonic Lesson


    In this lesson Andy teaches a few cool Pentatonic licks he likes to use in his own playing!

    To view this lesson in FULL please visithttp://andyjamesguitaracademy.com/

    and enter your details to be sent this and three other lessons in Full HD with PDF download and the entire lesson Guitar Pro file!

    © 2013 http://andyjamesguitaracademy.com/

    Vanny Tonon: jazz blues improvisation (Ibanez RG42FM)

    Ibanez RG42FM - jazz blues improvisation by Vanny Tonon
    Di Marzio super distortion pickups

    jazz blues improvisation (Ibanez RG42FM)

    Jeff Kollman: Chad Smith and the Meatbats- great live series

    Live at the Iridium 12-14-13 Chad Smith -Drums, Ed Roth Keys, Kevin Chown-Bass, Jeff Kollman-guitar
    Written by Kollman, Roth , Chown and Smith

    Chad Smith and the Meatbats featuring the amazing Jeff Kollman - enjoy

    Chad Smith and the Meatbats- Battle for Ventura Blvd - topps off

    Bombastic Meatbats -Night Sweats

    The Bombastic Meabats -'Mountain Of Meat' Live in N.Y.C. 2013

    Into The Floyd- The Bombastic Meatbats

    Claudio Pietronik: Hybrid Picking Series - Lick #1

    Hybrid Picking Series - Lick #1 - B Dorian
    Hello there! Since I have received a lot of requests for this, here's the first FREE HYBRID PICKING LICK LESSON of a series. To get guitar transcription, simply subscribe to my channel and send a pvt message!

    Hope you like it!


    Matt Moliti: Playing Mike Romeo licks over Adrenaline Mob

    Playing Mike Romeo licks over Adrenaline Mob
    As requested by Andrew.

    Petey Graves: Red Seas Fire | EP2 - Confrontation

    Instagram - 
    Snapchat: RedSeasFire

    Brian Larkin: Far Enough Into the Void 2014 to get an awesome new release!

    Brian Larkin
    Far Enough Into the Void will be released on January 14, 2014. More information soon...


    Far Enough Into the Void - Album Trailer (Including Release Date and Guest Solo Previews)

    Milan Polak: the complete "making of" video playlist

    Milan Polak
    This is the complete "making of" video playlist. Let me know which songs you like the most, which are your personal favorites, and as always feel free to share. Thanks for all the kind feedback & support!

    Paul Wardingham: End Of The year - time to do new things!


    Paul Wardingham Hi folks! After nearly 20 years of teaching and 10 years of studio and production work, at the end of this year, I will no longer be taking on new students, doing session work or production work for other people. This will allow me to focus entirely on my own music and other ventures which has become very difficult for me to do the last few years.

    I will be keeping on a few students (one of whom has been having regular lessons with me for 13 years!) and will continue with the odd Skype lesson, but vacancies will be very limited from now on.

    I'm excited about beginning a new chapter next year and want to thank everybody who has supported me and essentially allowed me to continue with a career in music since I was 16 years old.

    Wes Thrailkill, Jordan Soto: Mammoth - progressive instrumentals from Wes Thrailkill and Jordan Soto on the new album Dimension of Inversion!

    Mammoth - progressive instrumentals from Wes Thrailkill and Jordan Soto. Mammoth is an instrumental, progressive band from Los Angeles. All members studied at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.


    Mammoth: DIMENSION OF INVERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE! The Entire EP is streaming and a digital purchase is available for $7 through the bandcamp site. Huge thanks again to Brandon Balsz our engineer for the tracking, mixing and mastering. Also a huge thanks to all the musicians that participated in it - Jordan Soto, Danny Choi, Greg Harrison, Mateus Asato, Arya Bandari and Chase Bryant, as well as the artists - Maribeth Rohman and Dorian Yarnelson. The EP will also be available for physical purchase in a CD Jacket very soon, that will be available through us at live shows, etc and will hopefully get the physical copy online for purchase as well very soon. ENJOY
    Wes Thrailkill,Jordan Soto: Mammoth Dimension of Inversion

    1. It's Too Early for DMT 01:52
    2. Amid Forms 04:16
    3. Panspermia Process 03:48
    4. Into Shards 03:35
    5. How to Destroy the Universe 05:38
    6. Aether Transmission 02:58
    7. Metta Warm Fleece 03:42
    8. Merely a Way Station 01:45

    released 04 December 2013
    Guitars/Bass - Wes Thrailkill
    Drums - Jordan Soto
    Tracked, Mixed and Mastered by Brandon Balsz in Hollywood, CA

    Amid Forms - ft. Greg Harrison (PDP): 1:52 - 2:08
    Panspermia Process - ft. Mateus Asato: 3:02 - 3:18
    Into Shards - ft. Danny Choi: 1:17 - 3:35
    Aether Transmission - ft. Arya Bandari
    Metta Warm Fleece - ft. Chase Bryant (Pomegranate Tiger): 2:50 - 3:30

    Special Thanks to Danny Choi

    Cover Art - Maribeth Rohman
    Back Art - Dorian Yarnelson

    EggsHamAnd Your Zipper

    "Fortuna Eats Tuna" solo

    Tony MacAlpine: new album update

    Tony MacAlpine
    Almost done with my new CD.. It's being mixed by the great Brett Chassen. This iz my heaviest release yet. ‪#‎rock‬

    The working title is "Concrete Gardens" and it will be released early next year. The album features Aquiles Priester (Angra, Hangar, TMAC live band) on drums, Pete Griffin (Zappa Plays Zappa, 3 Inches Of Blood, Dethklok) on bass.

    The album also features a guest solo from the amazing Jeff Loomis.

    Here's a new interview I did recently with Guitar International, talking about the new PSMS DVD/CD/Blu-ray and my upcoming solo CD. http://guitarinternational.com/2013/11/30/tony-macalpine-interview-new-dvd-release-live-tokyo/

    Bryan Baker: live at The Royal Chapel, Brussels - killer acoustic from a master tactician

    Acclaimed guitarist Bryan Baker performing "Two" from his 2013 release "The Lacuna Variations" live at the Royal Chapel of Brussels (Brussels, Belgium).
    Directed and Produced by Diego Claudino
    Cinematography: Diego Claudino
    Cameras: Jack van der Loo, Michael Stolz and David Commerman
    Sound: Pieter De Porre
    Location permission and supervision: Jorn Quandt
    "Two" and "The Lacuna Variations" are registered exclusively to Enilkrad Music, 2013 ASACP.

    Bryan Baker - Live at The Royal Chapel, Brussels

    Feodor Dosumov: ERG (FD) demo - playthrough Feodor crazy style!

    ERG (FD) demo1
    by Feodor Dosumov

    Ignazio Di Salvo: Lazy Bird - impro over this beautiful Coltrane's song

    Ignazio Di Salvo - Lazy Bird
    here's an impro over this beautiful Coltrane's song. I love John's genius .

    Chris Gordon: Yngwie's Trilogy Suite, just the first movement - great job!

    Have a go at Yngwie's Trilogy Suite, just the first movement so far!

    Panos Arvanitis: Charvel EVH Made in USA gets a damn good thrashing!

    Charvel EVH Made in USA
    Charvel EVH Made in USA.Unique guitar,easy to play .Enjoy.Tabs for this, soon. Gear used:Charvel EVH Made in USA.Watch it on HD POD Xt Pro Rack Line6 DOD 308 Yjm. Thanx for ur support.Comment,like ,share,subscribe.

    Tina S: Dream Theater - The Best of Times

    "The Best of Times", played by Tina (14 y.o.), played on her Vigier Excalibur Custom.
    Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tina-S...
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/Tina_Guitare

    Dream Theater - The Best of Times - Tina S Cover

    Adrian Vandenberg: Vandenberg's MoonKings Teaser

    Vandenberg's MoonKings Teaser

    First teaser for Vandenberg's MoonKings, to be released on Mascot Records (a division of Mascot Label Group) on February 24th 2014. 

    Pre-order the album here: http://moonkings.mlgmerch.com/


    Vandenberg's MoonKings Teaser