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Nick Andrew: Zipper Tongue - Above All Noise the new album

Nick Andrew
Only a couple of days away from musical history.
This is the first album to be released in 2014 featuring a Scottish Midi guitarist playing a French made blue guitar, with blue lights on it!
Be part of Rock n' Roll history by buying the album on New Years day, so you can say, "I was there!"
Available on CD Baby, Amazon, Itunes and from the mad Scotsman in a bar near you!
Above All Noise" is the much anticipated first album from Zipper Tongue, a melting pot of Rock, Jazz and Classical ideas served on a little silver disc!The music has been described by the music press as Muse meets Return to Forever, but you can't really put your finger on their style or sound. It's Black Sabbath meets Beethoven, Dream Theater meets Daft punk, Foo Fighters meets Fusion.
There is only one description of their sound, Zipper Tongue!

'Above All Noise' also features a cover of the Simply Red song, 'Something Got Me Started', which has been given a brand new compositional twist.

As three busy session musicians, Stephen Roper (vocals/guitar), Lee Aaron (drums) and Nick Andrew (guitar/midi guitar/bass) have crafted an inspired opus of memorable songs with the added twists and virtuosic improvisations that you would expect from three masters of their craft.

Nick Andrew: Zipper Tongue - Above All Noise

1. Self Destruction 7:31
2. Intangible Love 6:08
3. Imposcar 6:37
4. Something Got Me Started 4:27
5. That's All 6:14
6. Loki 8:53
7. Pirates of the Soundwaves 6:18
8. Not Today 6:36
9. Push Pull 8:12
10. Wrong 4:43

Zipper Tongue - Above All Noise

Self Destruction solo

Check out this classic cover
Over the Rainbow solo

Lee Aaron (Drummer)

Greg Howard: Bourée in E Minor - Contrapuntal Chapman Stick Railboard - Tappy New Year!

This is a simple arrangement I made for my students. Some fun with camera angles as well.

Check out more about the Railboard at:

Tappy New Year!
Bourée in E Minor - Greg Howard plays the Chapman Stick Railboard

Jack Thammarat: New Year Blues - Happy New Year 2014!

New Year Blues - Happy New Year 2014!
Just fun blues jam but hope you enjoy.
Thank you all for your great support!
Backing track "Three Wise Men" from

Gear : Yamaha RGX420DZII ,Seymour Duncan JB&Jazz pickups, Laney IRT-Studio amp direct recording, UAD-2 plugins, Canon EOS550D with 50mm. F 1.8 lens

New Year Blues - Happy New Year 2014!

Jammin' on "Lost in Rio"

Nick Andrew: Self Destruction - Above All Noise - great two handed melodic solo

This is the solo section from the song Self Destruction, from my bands debut album, 'Above All Noise'.
I played it over the backing track, DI'ing into my Blackstar HT dual into my TC Electronic Nova system, straight into the desk.
My guitar is an MJS custom built by the fantastic Godefroy Maruejouls and has midi capabilities.

More videos from the album will follow as soon as I recover from hogmany!!

Self Destruction solo

Shawn Lane: Guitar hero 3 customs - Kaiser nancarrow - killer game gets a tough trip!

Guitar hero 3 customs - buttons must have been broken playing this one!!!

Shawn Lane - Kaiser nancarrow (expertillä)

Sapphire Ng: Wonderful Slippery Thing - Guthrie Govan

Az Samad: Wonderful Slippery Thing (Guthrie Govan) - Sapphire Ng

Check out my student Sapphire Ng rocking it out with Wonderful Slippery Thing (Guthrie Govan)!

Recorded live by Yin at:
Az Samad Student Concert, Sixstrings, Malaysia
Saturday, 21 December 2013

Wonderful Slippery Thing (Guthrie Govan) - Sapphire Ng

I Wayan Balawan,Guthrie Govan: guitar dual

2 of master guitar perform in "denpasar festival" bali..... amaziiiiiiiing

Guthrie Govan vs Balawan

Ryuuta Sasaki: Exivious Solo Contest

Ryuuta Sasaki: hope you enjoy it!

Exivious Solo Contest〝Entrust〟-Ryuuta Sasaki

Soichiro Mizuno: Exivious Solo Contest on "Entrust"

Just entered Exivious Solo Contest. Hope you enjoy and like it!
As showed in opening of the video, I crunched up my guitar with Bogner Ecstasy Red Pedal. Sweet.

Exivious Solo Contest on "Entrust" (Soichiro Mizuno)

Oscar Jordan: Exivious - "Entrust" Solo Contest - the man from Oscar's Guitar Shop shreds!

Shredding is fun. One take, no editing, no cheatin'. Check out Oscar's Guitar Shop if you get a chance and meet The Future Shredders of The World. Click like here:
Exivious - "Entrust" Solo Contest - Oscar Jordan

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious and The Circle Pit guitar solo contest

Rodrigo Gouveia: Exivious Solo Contest

Hello here is my entry for this contest, I hope you enjoy.
If you enjoy follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my channel.

Exivious Solo Contest - Rodrigo Gouveia

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious and The Circle Pit guitar solo contest

Martin Schuster: Exivious Entrust solo contest

Thanks for watching! If interested, check out my band Mindwork on

Exivious Entrust solo contest

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious and The Circle Pit guitar solo contest

Michael Angelo Batio: 2013 has been an incredible year and 2014 is going to be even better!

From Michael - I would like to say "thank you" for the tremendous support I have received with the release of my new "Intermezzo" album. 

We released "Intermezzo" to you, my closest fans on Nov. 14th and then worldwide on December 20th.

2013 has been an incredible year and 2014 is going to be even better!

On Saturday January 11th 2014, we will be filming a music video for the song "8 Pillars of Steel" from "Intermezzo" that features 8 guest stars including - George Lynch (Dokken), Jeff Loomis (Nevermore), Craig Goldy (Ronnie James Dio), Elliott Dean Rubinson (CEO and owner of Dean Guitars and DDrum), Dave Reffett (Guitar World), Andrea Martongelli (Arthemis) and Dean Guitars artist Rusty Cooley! This will be HISTORIC!

"Intermezzo" is on track to be my best selling album ever and I owe it all to you. I never take what I do for granted and appreciate that you are the reason I have this amazing music career.

Everyone at my company, M.A.C.E. Music, Inc. has done a great job of getting all of the orders out - this is what we do! We ship everywhere! BTW, in case you ever wondered what M.A.C.E. stands for - it is an acronym for Michael Angelo Creative Enterprises. :-)

HAPPY NEW YEAR and have an amazing 2014!

Buy the album and music lessons

Dan Moffatt,Patrick Bark: Hætus take a shot of CaJohns maruga madness 1.2 million scoville hot sauce

Canadian progressive metal band Hætus playing their song Milk Floaties after taking a shot of CaJohns maruga madness 1.2 million scoville hot sauce. You can reach the band at their facebook page here:

Welcome to the very first hætus hot pepper playthrough. To commemorate our very first playthrough upload we've decided to try to play our song "Milk Floaties" after eating a spoonful of CaJohns Moruga Madness hot sauce. This sauce is rated at a whopping 1.2 Million scoville, and to feel the full effects of it each of us had a tablespoon full and swished it around in our mouths. Revel in our glory!

Hot Pepper Playthroughs: Milk Floaties By HÆTUS

Alessandro Giglioli: Naima - Live @ Deny's - great live fusion to welcome in 2014

Naima (J.Coltrane) - Get FUZZY! Live @ Deny's
Alessandro Giglioli, guitar - Marco Barsanti, drums - Giampiero Occhiato, bass
Live @ Deny's Bar (31-10-2013)

Rick Graham: Inspiring Physique Transformation: 100lb weight loss - Mind over matter

Visit my website to find out more about my transformation:

Inspiring Physique Transformation: 100lb weight loss - Mind over matter

Kyoji Yamamoto: HAPPY NEW YEAR 777

Laurie Monk: 777 likes

Kyoji Yamamoto: Lucky!!!!

Must be fate Kyoji Yamamoto... HAPPY NEW YEAR 777

山本恭司-Mother Ocean (Kyoji Yamamoto Solo Live in 2006)

Greg Howe: vote for Maragold for the Grammy's!

It's time for you to choose who will play in Los Angeles at Club Nokia at the GRAMMY Gig of a Lifetime Concert and open for The Neighbourhood! Greg Howe: vote for Maragold!!

Download at iTunes -
Download at Amazon -
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Official music video by Maragold performing "Evergreen is Golder"
(c) Maragold

Maragold - Evergreen is Golder (Official)

Kiyomi Otaka,Senri Kawaguchi: Chocolate Booster

"Get along violently ★ beautiful ★" born here girl power unit of the strongest!
And Kiyomi Otaka active in Cassiopeia 3rd, the unit KIYO * SEN by high school girls drummer Senri Kawaguchi, which was released the first album in January 2013. Released January 18, 2014 long-awaited first album is "Chocolate Booster"! Record release tour is organized in three venues Yokkaichi Salaam, Hamamatsu KJ Hall, Roppongi BeeHive ahead of the album released on January 11 to 13. Check it out because there is the pre-release of the CD! (For details, LIVE Info to ♪)
is ※ Reservation. Will be delivered later (January 18, 2014) Release Date.
Kiyomi Otaka,Senri Kawaguchi: Chocolate Booster

[Track List]
1. K. S. Pro / song: Kiyomi Otaka / five two .
2 Chocolate Booster / song: Kiyomi Otaka / five five .
3 Open Transport / song: Kiyomi Otaka / five two .
4 Orange Mist / song: Kiyomi Otaka / 5:38 .
5 Overcoming Interaction / song: Yahori Koichi / half past four .
6 LadiesTalk / song: Kiyomi Otaka & Kawaguchi Senri / 4:21 .
7 Shone Shrine / song: Kiyomi Otaka / 5:52 .
8 Ambition / song: Kiyomi Otaka / 5:00 .
9 Future / song: Kiyomi Otaka / 4:15

■ Kiyomi Otaka: Org, Key
■ Kawaguchi Chisato: Ds
-Special Guest-
■ Yahori Koichi: Guitar (M-4 (Guitar Solo), M-5, M-9)

【Advance notice】Senri Kawaguchi @Cafe Cordiale / Jan 22, 2014
Happy New Year!! (^o^)/ あけましておめでとうございます! 【Advance notice】 Senri Kawaguchi and Friends @Cafe Cordiale in LA January 22nd (Wednesday), 2014 show starts at 8pm NAMM week special concert Cafe Cordiale  14015 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 Call 818-789-1985 for reservation No Cover!! All ages!!! (Dinner reservation is strongly recommended) 【ライブ告知】 2014年1月22日にロサンゼルスのカフェ・コーディアルでアメリカ初ライブをさせていただきます! ライブは20:00スタートです。 ロスにお住まいの方、たまたまロスに来ている方、ぜひ、観にきてくださいね。 ロスにお知り合いが見える方にも、どうか伝えてください。 ライブチャージ不要だそうですが、お店はそれほど大きくないそうで、お食事の予約がお勧めです。 よろしくお願いしまーす!がんばりますね~(^o^)v

News: Truth In Shredding opens for 2014!

Have a great new year 2014!

Fabrizio Leo - Cyborg in Love (Cutaway album)