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Chris Brooks: 90 Day Sweep Picking Practice Program - eBook

90 Day Sweep Picking Practice Program - eBook
This eBook is an add on for the popular "Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios" lesson pack by Chris Brooks.

Designed to help you get the most out of your sweep picking practice, this guide takes you through a suggested 90-day program of 15-20 minutes of daily routines to master the techniques in a logical and achievable way.

Each part of the program tells you which exercises to use, how many repeats, suggested tempo and a clear picture of the progress you can expect.

The 12-page eBook does NOT contain the actual licks themselves, so please be advised to purchase the lesson pack "Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios" by Chris Brooks.

- See more at:

Hedras Ramos: Demonstration video of Cort G280

Hedras Ramos: Demonstration video of Cort G280

Demonstration video of Cort G280 by Hedras Ramos

Martin Miller: mini documentary about the Laney clinic tour of China

Martin Miller: mini documentary about the Laney clinic tour of China

Martin Miller Laney clinic tour in China

Vanny Tonon: Darn That Dream Jazz Guitar Improvisation

Darn That Dream Jazz Guitar Improvisation by Vanny Tonon

Darn That Dream Jazz Guitar Improvisation

News: Learn to Play Day back in the UK

Learn to Play Day is back for the fifth successive year on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March 2016. Orange Amplification are taking part in this national event by giving away FREE, on Saturday 12th March, their Rock Guitar Syllabus worth £14.99!

The aim of Learn to Play Day is to encourage people of all ages and experience to start or revisit playing a musical instrument. This year’s event is expected to be the biggest yet, offering more than 12,000 FREE taster lessons on a musical instrument at more than 120 music venues, schools and shops across the UK.

The sixteen-part Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus, created by professionals, is easy to follow, lots of fun as well as being an exciting new way to learn rock guitar. The course is split into three sections, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. It offers learners an easy to use platform in which to develop their rock guitar abilities by allowing them to learn anytime via their phone, desktop or tablet. The course covers everything from basic chords, strumming patterns and scales and gently builds players up to more advanced techniques such as two-hand tapping and barre chords.

National Learn to Play Day is the ideal way to start, or get back into, playing a musical instrument and Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus can help you continue to learn to play the guitar long after the event.

Full details of the event, including participating venues and local appearances, will be found at over the coming weeks. To find out more about the charity, Music for All, go to or visit Music for All’s Facebook page at

To find out more about the Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus please go to

Rob Marcello: Tapping, String Skipping, Hammer On's - GJ2 Custom Shredder with Hughes And Kettner amps

I'll try and post various licks and lessons on a somewhat weekly basis.

Guitar used: GJ2 "Custom Shredder" with stock "Habanero" pickups.
Amp used: Hughes And Kettner "Grandmeister 36".

"Amazing" video editing by yours truly...
Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Rob Marcello - Lick Of The Day #9! (Tapping, String Skipping, Hammer On's And More)

Leonardo Guzman: Hacer El Amor Con Otro - make love to another

Did this last night, a little bit tipsy but it turns out pretty descent. The original song is by Alejandra Guzman.

| Hacer El Amor Con Otro - Leonardo Guzman |

Hedras Ramos: GIG - Guitar Institute of Guatemala 2016 (Spanish)

GIG - Guitar Institute of Guatemala in this 2016 I am very happy to create together with SUPER COLA "GIG" (Guitar Institute of Guatemala), the first academy in Guatemala with a total focus on electric guitar and contemporary music. this is possible thanks to the support of SUPER COLA believe in the development of art and culture in Guatemala. We want to open our doors to all those who have always dreamed of playing the guitar and all (as) (new) guitarists looking to reach new areas in technology, Harmony and Improvisation. GIG was founded on a strong social character and with the support of SUPER COLA and Economic Culture Fund will be starting our targeted at beginners, intermediate and advanced courses at very affordable costs . Program Duration: 6 Months Location: Fondo de Cultura 6 Av 8-65 Zona 9, Guatemala City Registration: Q100 Monthly: Q250 Day: Saturday available Times: Between 10 am and 4 pm (except 1-2 PM) We invite you to see our video for all information and details. you can download the registration form at any of the Tiny links below and send it to Material available at: ... For more info Please IS SUPPORTED and Management: Mr. Ramos Hedras hedras1@yahoo.comGuatemala: + (502) 5511-8278 Los Angeles: + (213) 283-7319

HEDRAS RAMOS - GIG - Guitar Institute of Guatemala

Hideaki Yamakado: #HufschmidGlowbuckers competition - sumptuous soloing

Hope you enjoy!

FaceBook Page

#HufschmidGlowbuckers competition - Hideaki Yamakado

Simone Mularoni, Alessandro Del Vecchio: Joe Lynn Turner features on Sunstorm's Edge of Tomorrow coming soon

Simone Mularoni
finally! this one kept me & Alessandro Del Vecchio busy for many months but I'm sure everyone will like the album! Played all rythm & lead guitars and wrote 5 songs. I realy cannot express how much I enjoyed playing along with these amazing musicians and especially together with one of my favourite singers ever! It's a dream came true after growing up listening to Rainbow's, Malmsteen's & Deep Purple's album with Joe Lynn Turner Official Page on vocals....
"Edge of Tomorrow" will be out on May 13th via Frontiers Music srl

BREAKING NEWS: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of SUNSTORM’s fourth album entitled “ on May 13th, 2016.

SUNSTORM is Joe Lynn Turner Official Page's succesful AOR / Melodic Rock project, something that came about for the first time in 2006 when Frontiers President Serafino Perugino wanted to dig up some unreleased gems that JLT wrote during the late 80’s and early 90’s.

The very good reviews and acclaim which surrounded the debut self-titled release was the fuel that ignited three more records, until the project was momentarily shelved when Joe started working on the Rated X supergroup with Tony Franklin and Carmine Appice.

After the release of the RATED X album, Joe wanted to go back to the more melodic material of SUNSTORM, but also wanted to retain some of the harder edge which the RATED X album had. So he asked producer and songwriter Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Edge of Forever) to come up with some new songs in that vein. Del Vecchio joined forces with Simone Mularoni, guitar player of Italian prog metallers DGM. Together they developed songs which were exactly what Joe wanted, so it was a natural process to move forward and record another SUNSTORM album. As usual, other songwriters, such as Soren Kronqvist and Daniel Palmqvist completed the array of individuals involved.

Joe Lynn Turner says: “This new Sunstorm album is the best of the series! We went harder... stronger... and heavier than ever before without losing the integrity of what the project is about...I call it Melodic Metal! The songs are very well crafted, the messages are profound, the performances amazing..and the sound is incredible! All involved can be very proud of such a great music. I urge anyone who loves great music to check out "Edge of Tomorrow", you won't be disappointed!”

The resulting album shows a slightly new direction for SUNSTORM, which still features organic and very strong melodies as a trademark. Enjoy!

“Edge of Tomorrow” includes the following songs: Don’t Walk Away From A Goodbye; Edge Of Tomorrow; Nothing Left To Say; Heart Of The Storm; The Sound Of Goodbye; The Darkness Of This Dawn; You Hold Me Down; Angel Eyes; Everything You’ve Got; Tangled In Blue; Burning Fire.

Joe Lynn Turner – Lead Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio, Hammond organ, keyboards, backing vocals
Simone Mularoni, guitars
Nik Mazzucconi, bass
Francesco Jovino, drums

Nita Strauss: Ibanez clinics 3 UK dates just added to this clinic run!

Nita Strauss
🇬🇧 UK!!!! 🇬🇧 You asked, Ibanez listened!!! 3 UK dates just added to this clinic run as well as one more in France!!! Check the link at the bottom of this post for details... See you guys next month!!!!

25/2/2016 Budapest HU
26/2/2016 München DE
27/2/2016 Köln DE
1/3/2016 Morges CH
2/3/2016 Wetzikon CH
3/3/2016 Sursee CH
4/3/2016 Buchs CH
5/3/2016 Bern CH
8/3/2016 Chiaravalle IT
9/3/2016 Milan IT
10/3/2016 Madrid ES
11/3/2016 Sevilla ES
15/3/2016 Paris FR
16/3/2016 Nancy FR
17/3/2016 Lille FR
19/3/2016 Cheshire UK
20/3/2016 Bournemouth UK
22/3/2016 Reading UK

News: Dr. No. Announces New Evil MotherFuzzer Pedal

Dr. No. Announces New Evil MotherFuzzer Pedal

NETHERLANDS. FEBRUARY 23, 2016- Today Dr. No announces the release of his new guitar pedal Evil MotherFuzzer. Through his collaboration with guitarist Pablo van de Poel, who was recently voted #1 guitar player of 2015 by Gitarist magazine in the Netherlands, Dr. No and Pablo are now ready to bring this new pedal to the public. The Evil MotherFuzzer is extremely limited to only 175 units worldwide. Each Evil MotherFuzzer is hand signed and numbered by Pablo van de Poel and Dr.No.

Each pedal is built with original germanium transistors, collected from unique sources all over the world, including an international radio museum. This coveted transistor gives the product an old school, classic reinvented fuzz that tone aficionados seek. These transistors are so exclusive that they are why only 175 pedals can be built – that’s all there is left of these unique pieces. To compliment them, the MotherFuzzer also contains a matched pair of rare NOS High Gain AC128zVI’s.Throughout history, germanium fuzz box has notoriously caused problems when used in the signal chain. That is not the case with the Evil Motherfuzzer. Dr. No has designed into the circuitry a solution to the problem that eliminates the issue completely.

On the outside of the Evil MotherFuzzer, the volume output control level, tone, and fuzz will stand out, even at low volumes. The Fuzz knob gives the guitarist total fuzz control, ranging between clean and a classic fuzz, leaving a very organic tone. The Shape knob allows the guitarist to play and dial in harmonic tones adding clarity to the midrange. The Bias knob gives the user the ability to leave out the bass when lowering the dial knob. This allows the guitarist to add effects without compromising the signal.

Dr. No entered the pedal making business in 2006 after developing a love for the organic sound of analog vintage effect pedals. Through conversations with many musicians as a guitar tech, Dr. No realized that there was a big demand for authentic analog effects, as new digital effects and mass produced SMD and OEM products were becoming mainstream. Dr. No started the company with the goal to re-create the honest, inspirational sound he grew up listening to. Today, Dr. No continues to personally hand craft each pedal from his award-winning collection.

The Evil Motherfuzzer will retail for €247/$278 and can be purchase direct from Dr. No at

Guthrie Govan, Steve Via, Joe Satriani: The Aristocrats - G3 Concert Dates with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai - G3 Summer 2016

The Aristocrats - G3 Concert Dates with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai
G3 Summer 2016

The Aristocrats (Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann) are thrilled to announce that they will be joining Joe Satriani and Steve Vai for a number of G3 concert dates this summer. The highly-anticipated run will kick off in Italy on July 2nd 2016.

The band said: "We are all extremely excited and absolutely honored to be sharing the bill with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai for this run of G3 shows. We have a tremendous amount of respect for Joe and Steve as groundbreaking artists in the world of instrumental rock who continue to bring it year after year. It will be a special privilege to bring our subversive brew of Aristocratic musical mayhem to the G3 stage - and especially the G3 audience. Let the games begin!"

Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann will be kept busy, as in addition to rocking out in their own band they will also form the rhythm section for Joe Satriani and the end of show G3 jam.

Fans will have the opportunity to purchase tickets from, starting on February 26th 2016 at 10am, for the following G3 shows:

Saturday July 2nd 2016
Venue - Rock In Roma / Moon Stage @ Ippodromo delle Capannelle

Sunday July 3rd 2016
Sogliano al Rubicone (province of Forlì-Cesena), ITALY
Venue - Piazza Matteotti

Monday July 4th 2016
Ascoli Piceno, ITALY
Venue - Piazza del Popolo

Note: More G3 dates to be announced.

This comes directly on the heels of the conclusion of the two-part European leg of the "Tres Caballeros" tour. We had an incredible time on that run, playing 55 amazing shows from Finland to Malta, Spain to Greece, the U.K. to Israel, and everywhere in between. Thank you to everyone in Europe who made this tour such an unforgettable experience. We could go on and on about it, but the best thing to do if you want to relive the tour (in pictures and text) is to go to our Facebook page and check out what went down (including a really great photo album from the final show in Tel Aviv):​

We also meant to make the official announcement of our Asia/Australia tour for September and October at this time, but the G3 news broke hard and fast, so we're focusing on that for this week. If you're still reading, consider this official bonus information: We're touring Asia and Australia in September and October! Four Japanese dates are confirmed, as is the Australia time block (early October). We'll make a separate splash about that next week or so.

For now, we'll trust that this G3 news is big enough. ;-)

Cheers to all,
The Aristocrats

News: Cort Introduces All Mahogany Acoustic Guitars

SEOUL, KOREA - February 24, 2016 - Cort Guitars today announces several new all mahogany acoustic guitar models, including the SFX-MEM. The new guitars are designed around Cort’s more popular acoustic body styles, and built using all mahogany. These instruments are available through distributors and dealers worldwide.

Cort Guitars introduces three all mahogany acoustic guitars, pairing superb build quality with aesthetic beauty. The new AF510M model is an all mahogany version of the popular AF510, designed for robust sound in a compact concert size body. The SFX-MEM features a slim body shape and single cutaway, highlighted by white binding and white pearl acryl rosette, with Cort’s proprietary preamp CE304T also onboard. Finally, the AD-Mini M model is a ¾-size all-mahogany acoustic engineered for players who prefer a smaller sized guitar for their unique tones and playability.

For more information and to learn more about Cort guitars, please visit their website at

Christian Muenzner: The Talisman featuring Jimmy Pitts

Guitar Video of the tune "The Talisman" from my 2nd instrumental solo album "Beyond The Wall Of Sleep.", featuring the amazing Jimmy Pitts. The tabbook will be available on my bandcamp page very soon, the book comes with a download code for the backing tracks for every song.

Christian Muenzner The Talisman (ft. Jimmy Pitts)

Peter Frampton: Premier Guitar - Rig Rundown

Article and photos:

Guitar icon Peter Frampton invites Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger to his Nashville rehearsal studio to talk and demonstrate his sprawling live setup.

The “Phenix” is Frampton’s famous, modified 1954 Les Paul Custom from the cover of Frampton Comes Alive. The name refers to the mythical bird that was raised from the ashes. This guitar, thought to be destroyed and lost for over 30 years—even surviving a plane crash in Venezuela—recently found its way back home to Frampton. To commemorate this historic guitar, Gibson has recreated a very small, exclusive run of reproductions with every burn, scratch, ding, and crack faithfully copied to match Frampton’s original.

This 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard previously belonged to famed songwriter JJ Cale and is affectionately named “Paulina.” With the exception of the bridge and tuning keys, it’s completely original. The original bridge was so badly worn that accurately intonating the instrument was impossible. It was replaced by a relic’d TonePro bridge to keep the guitar aesthetically correct.

To continue reading about Frampton's live gear, visit:

Takayoshi Ohmura: Power OF Reality - Phrase Commentary - more top shred from Japan

大村孝佳 / Takayoshi Ohmura

「POWER OF REALITY 」 Phrase Commentary !!!
大村孝佳 / Takayoshi Ohmura [ POWER OF REALITY ] Full ver.

Leah Woodward: .Strandberg* and Diezel Amps - Aliases Guitar Playthrough #4

Guitar playthrough of 'We Never Should Have Met....Rosser" from the Aliases mini-album "Safer Than Reality"


Thanks to
.Strandberg* Guitars
Diezel Amplification
Bare Knuckle Pickups
Elixir Strings

Video Directed and Edited by Theo Harvey:

'Derangeable' released on Basick Records April 15th 2016 -

Leah Woodward // ALIASES // Guitar Playthrough #4

Kelly Simonz: Still Got The Blues

Than Kelly Simonz transcendence guitar seminar, which was held at the Shimamura musical instrument LaLaport Koshien shop. I was playing with borrowed a store of guitar (HISTORY Les Paul Custom). HISTORY GH-LCV BLK Les Paul type electric guitar [Circle fretting system] [Made in Japan] [history THLC] http: // ...

Still Got The Blues(GARY MOORE) performed by Kelly SIMONZ