David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: Preston Glasgow Lowe - Whirlwind Recordings -new album details

Preston Glasgow Lowe
Preston – Glasgow – Lowe
Release Date April 29, 2016
​Personnel | Album Credits

David Preston - guitars
Kevin Glasgow - electric bass
Laurie Lowe - drums

1. Colour Possesses
2. Elephant and Castle
3. Everything in Everything
4. The Priory
5. Song to the Citadel
6. C:\>PU
7. Within You (Part 1)
8. Within You (Part 2)
9. Within You (Part 3)
10. The Anvil

The debut album from Preston Glasgow Lowe.
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Recorded and engineered by Adam Peters at Concrete Jungle Studios, 2014
Mixed by Paul Stacey at Strangeways, 2015
Mastering and assembly by Alex Killpartrick, 2015
Produced by David Preston and Kevin Glasgow
Executive Producer - Michael Janisch

About this video:

"2 Minutes Hate"
Composed by Kevin Glasgow and David Preston
Recorded by Adam Peters at Bell Percussion, November 21st, 2015
Assistant engineering Martyn Larcombe
Filmed and edited by Winston Smith
Mixed and Mastered by David Preston

Preston Glasgow Lowe - [Official Promo Video] - Whirlwind Recordings