Lorenzo Venza: new album Mood Changes by Utopia

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Mood Changes by Utopia

1 The Trickster 6:10
2 Corpus Caeleste 7:01
3 I Want to Know 7:15
4 Your Mirror 5:34
5 I'll Be a Fool 5:17
6 Black Drop 6:25
7 Fight 6:19
8 Dust 4:25
9 I Will Try 7:56
10 Mood Changes 6:45

Utopia is a Prog-Metal band from Rome, Italy. Their sound is a mix of
different styles of music ranging from Progressive to Fusion.

The first album “Ice and Knives”, released in 2010, featured guest
guitarist Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie, PFM). The band has received
positive feedback from media and public who exalted the band’s ability
to bring Fusion influences into Metal.

Guitarist Lorenzo Venza is also keeping him busy as a guitar instructor
which secured him endorsement deals with Schecter Guitars and
Mezzabarba/Masotti Guitar Devices.

After a temporary break due to lineup change, the band is finally back
with a new drummer and a new album entitled “Mood Changes” to be
released on January 11th 2016.