Sunday, 28 February 2016

Kelly Simonz: Magic Of Strings - classic ballad rock

Magic Of Strings 3.27前哨戦!
Kelly SIMONZ VS 三谷 ギター対談ライブ。
Emerald Aisles Presents
'Magic Of Strings Vol,3'

Emerald Aisels VS Kelly SIMONZ's BLIND FAITH

Kelly SIMONZMagic Of Strings 前哨戦!!「夢・ファンタジー」SPトーク&ライブ -Kelly SIMONZ-

Panos Arvanitis: Fast and furious Medley - some of my fast licks.

Here is a medley of some of my fast licks.I hope you like it .Comment like share it on HD
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Panos A Arvanitis Fast and furious Medley

Jairo Camacho: Jamming with Steve Vai - ticked off the bucket list

Playing with the master :) Thank you for everything, Mr. Vai!

Jamming with Steve Vai

t-cophony: Trip in spring - The 10th anniversary performance

This is my old tune.
It is included in the album "How to get much more" in 2007.
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Trip in spring - T-cophony "The 10th anniversary" demo play

Adrian Galysh, Carl Verheyen: Messin' With The Kid - Baked Potato in North Hollywood 2016

Adrian Galysh celebrated his birthday at the World Famous BAKED POTATO in North Hollywood on Feb 23, 2016 with special guest guitarist CARL VERHEYEN on this classic blues tune.

Messin' With The Kid: Adrian Galysh & Carl Verheyen

Millisa Henderson: Guthrie Govan's "Fives" - working on this one with my new PRS guitar

02-22-16 - working on this one with my new PRS guitar, more to come!

Millisa Henderson--Clip of Guthrie Govan's "Fives"

Naia Izumi, Taylor Mansfield, Kynwyn Sterling: Soft spoken woman - band taking shape and new EP on the way

Naia Izumi, Taylor Mansfield, Kynwyn Sterling:  Soft spoken woman - band taking shape and new EP on the way

My first time bringing my song "Soft spoken woman" to life with a live band the plan is to instead of the band be my backing band. to actually let it become it's own collaborative organism all together.

New band in the works ! Taylor Mansfield Kynwyn Sterling
Buy my EP version now on and help us take this show on road !!!

Soft spoken woman (Live band version)

Martin Goulding, Greg Howe: interview and Greg Howe Style Tapping Lick

Q5: How do you visualise the fretboard and see intervallic relationships change as you improvise through changes?

A5: Well, the fretboard lights up per key, the trick when I first learnt to do that was to get comfortable with the fact that every key exists anywhere on the fretboard, and knowing how to play through chord changes without having to disrupt your ideas. It’s just a matter of knowing all the different shapes. One thing that has helped me a lot is that I probably see arpeggios first more than anything, so that’s what I’m looking for as I play through the changes.
Full Interview:

Greg Howe Style Tapping Lick by Martin Goulding

Richard Daudé: Le Lead - Two Notes preamp - Shred-Fusion legato tapping improv

Shredding with "Le Lead" by Two Notes Audio Engineering - Guitar-Preamp-Two Notes Wall of Sound- Daw . Music from the upcoming Lick Library DVD "51 Extreme Tapping Licks"

#‎twonotes #‎vigierguitars #‎licklibrary

Two Notes - "Le Lead" preamp - Shred-Fusion improv -

Jon Neto: #HufschmidGlowbuckers competition - ballad solo

HufschmidGlowbuckers competition
Hope you Enjoy it


#HufschmidGlowbuckers competition - Jon Neto

Samuli Federley: Sunday ballad - tasteful Sunday performance from the Birthday boy

I had this melody going on in my head so I needed to get it out. I hope you like it. Check out

Samuli Federley - Sunday ballad

Christina Skjolberg: ripping live performances of Hendrix tunes at Gregers Hamar

Christina Skjolberg: live performances of Hendrix tunes at Gregers Hamar

christina skjølberg Gregers Hamar 29.12.2015 Video 1

christina skjølberg Gregers Hamar 29.12.2015 Video 2

christina skjølberg Gregers Hamar 29.12.2015 Video 3

Chantel McGregor: Bingley Free Jam session from Chantel,Colin, and Keith filmed at the Bingley Blues Bash 2016

Another Free Jam session from Chantel,Colin, and Keith filmed at the Bingley Blues Bash on 13.2.2016. And simply titled Bingley.

Chantel Mcgregor ' Bingley '

Isao Fujita, Saki: ISAO VS SAKI fighting it out over Dark Matter

Isao Fujita, Saki: ISAO VS SAKI fighting it out over Dark Matter

2016.1.15 魔界無情 ISAO VS SAKI(Mary's Blood)

2016.1.15 Makai heartless black magic troops

Mohini Dey, Federico Malaman: amazing MalaDey - Stunning bass fusion jam

Mohini Dey: Federico Malaman and Mohini play the amazing MalaDey

Here we are!!!!! "MalaDey" by Federico Malaman feat Mohini Dey!!!

Bass: Mohini Dey
Sister:Esani Dey
Drums: Mukul Dongre

International Jazz Day

Pablo Romeu: Mechanical Monster - rock fusion solo with TAB

Pablo Romeu - Mechanical Monster (FREE TAB)
This time I'm playing the ending solo of one of the great tunes of my friend Daniel Felix​!
I hope you all like

Get the TAB on

I'm producing new songs for my new CD, so this serie of transcribed solos is on break.

Pablo Romeu - Mechanical Monster (FREE TAB)

Misha Mansoor: Periphery III Studio Update Two: The Director's Cut

We are making a new album. This video will also tell you everything and leave you with no questions.

Watch in HD for more story.

Intro logo by Christian Pratt
Periphery III Studio Update Two: The Director's Cut

Mateus Asato: B flat loop and Don't Dream It's Over - the king of tone is just splendiferous

Mateus Asato: B flat loop and Don't Dream It's Over - the king of tone is just splendiferous

Mateus Asato - B flat loop

Don't Dream It's Over

Dante Granados, Gian Granados: Anima Tempo -Caged in Memories - Art of Deception - progressive melodic metal from Mexico

Caged in Memories  by Anima Tempo
1. Last awakening 03:37
2. Confessions 07:29
3. Art of deception 07:14
4. Scarlet Angel 06:17
5. Behind the gates of a new-come 04:11
6. Cellophane eyes 07:44
7. Caged in memories 17:21
Country: México
city: D.F. (México City)
Formation: December, 2009

Initially in 2005, Dante Granados (Guitars /Synths), Gian Granados (Vocals /Guitar) and Pedro Vera (Bass) belonged to a progressive metal cover band called “Caustica X” with which they obtained many positive reactions in their presentations around México City.

With that encouragement, in 2009 this three long-time band mates decided to create an original project with their own material taking diverse influences from progressive metal/rock and melodic death metal, built over a cinematic orchestra - inspired on Hans Zimmer- and a mixture of clear melodic and heavy growls vocals, passing through groovy/djenty heavy riffs in odd time signatures.

During the creative process of “Caged in Memories” drummer Antonio Guerrero and growl singer Daniel González joined to the band to conform the current alignment.


After travelling to Finland, having their first concert in Europe and the experiences they acquired in that country with bands like Seventh Wonder, Amoral, Hypothesis etc. the band realized the magnitude of creating an album with a professional production. Therefore Dante decided to invite Erik Mikalsen to the production team of “Caged in Memories”.

4 years of creative process and recording sessions later, “Caged in Memories” was complete and the band took the decision of entrusting the post-production (mix and mastering) to Nick Sampson (Producer of Poliphya, Born of Osiris, Emmure Asking Alexandria etc.) whose huge experience supported in order to give shape to the final result.

“Caged in Memories” is a concept album with 7 songs and 54 minutes long composed by Dante Granados (music) and Gian Granados (lyrics) will be out on January 9th, 2016.

Anima Tempo is currently working on their 2nd studio album which is planned to be released in late 2017.
released January 9, 2016
Produced by Dante Granados and Erik Mikalsen
Mixed and Mastered by Nick Sampson
Music by Dante Granados
Lyrics by Gian Granados and Erik Mikalsen
Artwork by Rainer Kalwitz

Anima Tempo is:
Gian Granados - Vocals and guitars
Dante Granados - Lead guitar / Synths
Daniel González - Growls / Guitar
Pedro Vera - Bass
Antonio Guerrero - Drums

Visit us:
Dante and Gian Granados playing the instrumental section of "Art of deception"
Get the tab following this link:
Art of deception is included on our debut album "Caged in Memories" released on January 9th, 2016.
You can stream or purchase our music on:
iTunes: (digital)
Bandcamp: (digital, streaming)
CD Baby: (Digital)
Google Play: (Digital)

ANIMA TEMPO - Art of Deception / Guitar Playthrough

Kuwar Thakur, Mridul Tomar: Ashes Bury Sorrow - Zaphire - progressive metal from Solan,India

Instrumental track you can download it from the link below

Facebook Page

Prateek S Dawesar- Drums
Kuwar Thakur- Guitars
Aashish Kalanta- Bass
Mridul Tomar- Guitars

A metal band from Solan(HP),India

Ashes Bury Sorrow ( Zaphire ) (Guitar Playthrough)