Sunday, 8 May 2016

Johnny Hiland, Brent Mason: Workin Man Blues with the Chicken Pickin' King and The Telecaster Master!

This is from Johnny Hiland's "A Benefit for Inspire Nashville". Shot at Douglas Corner in Nashville, March 11, 2016.

Johnny Hiland and Brent Mason - Workin Man Blues

Johnny Hiland: Dallas Guitar Show Until We meet Again and Slow Blues 2016

Johnny Hiland: Dallas Guitar Show Until We meet Again and Slow Blues 2016

yowza.................. Ma BOY.
Always one of the Festival Highlights
He's clearly evolved the Slow Bluz since my last one posted in 2000 something :-)

Johnny HILAND Dallas Guit show '16 Until We meet Again &Slow Blues

Blistering blues/rock Mercury Blues Johnny Hiland Band Dallas 2016

Jess Lewis: A Taste of Honey a tribute to Emily Remler

Emily Remler Arrangement, wanted to re record it as I though the last one was abit crappy.
Guitar is a Eternal Guitars hollow strat

Jess Lewis - A Taste of Honey (Emily Remler)

Scott Jones: Think About It - promo video for bandcamp album - top flight fusion

A video promo of track #2 "Think About It" from my recent release "Remember". Full release available at the link:

SCOTT JONES - Think About It - full VIDEO PROMO

Leda: Far East Dizain - Weight of sins

Far East Dizain of live venue limited single "Weight of sins" release decision!
※ sale !! in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, one-man added venue === ● venue limited single title: Weight of sins Release Date: 2016.5 Label: DIZAIN Records part number: DZRBP-001 Price: ¥ 1000 (tax included) Tracklist: 01. Of Sins Weight 02. mirage -Unplugged- === "Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, one-man added performance schedule" "DIZAINATION ~ additional performances -" - 5/7 (Sat) Osaka MUSE - 5/8 (Sun) Nagoya BOX SPADE -6 / 12 (Sun) Meguro Rokumeikan === ※ OFFICIAL WEB SITE Http://Fareastdizain.Com/

Far East Dizain / Weight of sins (PV FULL SPOT)

Far East Dizain / Inhale (PV FULL SPOT)

Cry My Name From The Light FULL SPOT

Dylan Furr: Signature Harmonic Sweeps

Visit for Free Music, Merch, Updates, & More!
A newly utilized signature move by Dylan Furr with continuous sweeps of natural harmonics for longer durations, faster speeds, & more intricate patterns than anyone before.
Harmonic Sweeps from Dylan Furr's single "Changing Realms"
Available for free download at

Dylan Furr Signature Harmonic Sweeps - 2

Adrian Galysh: "Into the Blue" - Behind The Scenes Documentary

A candid behind-the-scenes look at the making of guitarist Adrian Galysh's new blues-rock album, "INTO THE BLUE".
Pre-Order here:

Adrian Galysh "Into the Blue" - Behind The Scenes Documentary

Craig Goldy: Resurrection Kings - Brick By Brick LIVE San Diego

Four legendary rock metal artists come together to form "Resurrection Kings," performing powerful new music and re-energized classics, featuring: Vinny Appice (Drummer Black Sabbath & Dio); Chaz West (Jason Bonham lead singer); Craig Goldy (Dio & Rough Cutt); and Sean McNabb (Quiet Riot & Dokken) LIVE at Brick By Brick in San Diego.

RESURRECTION KINGS" at Brick By Brick LIVE San Diego

Tony MacAlpine: Michel Polnareff " Le bal des lazes " AccorHotels Arena le 2016

Michel Polnareff " Le bal des lazes " AccorHotels Arena le 07/05/2016 .....

Tony MacAlpine solo at 3:07
Michel Polnareff " Le bal des lazes " AccorHotels Arena le 07/05/2016

Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes: Animals As Leaders: Live at Ziggy's 2015

Filmed by Nate C ( of "Just Casual Concerts"
Between The Buried And Me's "Coma Ecliptic Tour" with Animals As Leaders & The Contortionist

Animals As Leaders
Official Site:

Winston Salem NC, 08/14/15
This Venue was closed at the end of February 2015

00:00 || Tooth and Claw
04:59 || Nephelle
09:27 || Lippincot
14:05 || Physical Education
19:22 || Para Mexer
25:14 || Another Year
29:31 || Ka$cade
35:11 || Mind-Spun
39:54 || The Woven Web
44:05 || CAFO


Animals As Leaders: Live @ Ziggy's - FULL HD SET - 08/14/15

Eva Vergilova: Eastern Bird

drums from :

Eva Vergilova - Eastern Bird

Mads Eriksen: Storyteller - play through posted 2008

Featured in Mike Varney's Guitar Player's Spotlight Column: 1989 January - Mads Eriksen, Michael Chapdelaine, Dave Beegle

Mads Eriksen plays one of his hits from the 90's, Storyteller. Take a look!!!

Mads Eriksen: Storyteller

John Hahn: "Pitch Black" from Darkness Falls - ripping playthrough

Featured in Mike Varney's Guitar Player's Spotlight Column: June 1989 - David Matela, Dave D'Angelico, John C. Hahn

Shredding over the backing track of this heavy tune from my "Darkness Falls" release, played using my PRS Custom 24 through Voodoo Amps (Custom HG-Jose mod) modified 50W Marshall JCM800.

Darkness Falls:

John Hahn - "Pitch Black" Performance

Scott Van Zen: Think Pink - I've been listening to Pink Floyd lately

Featured in Mike Varney's Guitar Player's Spotlight Column: April 1989 - Scott Van Zen

Scott Van Zen Think Pink. I've been listening to Pink Floyd lately.

Think Pink

Rex Carroll: Rock Academy lesson for Whitecross Signs Of The End

Rex Carroll guitar lessons - Top Of The World by Whitecross. For more information on Skype Guitar Lessons or the next Rex Carroll Rock Academy, please visit Please subscribe, share, leave a comment!


Jaroslav Kubíček: Stellar Bay - 4 All the Prophets - instrumental promo video

Jaroslav Kubíček (lead guitar)
Petr Had (bass guitar)
Rostislav Pařenica (drums)
Daniel Richter (rhythm guitar)

This is a "self made" video for our demo track "4 All the Prophets" from rehearsal room we share with guys from Escape From August and TTIOT. Props to them!
This song is for all the people who are not afraid to get on journey to change the world, their live, their happiness... even the others think they are crazy.
Stellar Bay is a new band from Studenka, Czech Republic. Formed in 2015, having in fold the former guitarist and song writer of band Crashpoint, Jaroslav "cub@" Kubicek and Petr Had who, as a bassplayer, had significant sign in Crashpoint's debute album Acid Vitamin (2005, Crystal Productions). Together with talented musicans from metal-core band Escape From August, Rostislav Parenica on drums and Daniel Richer on guitar they formed a project combining an alternative metal/crossover typical for Crashpoint influenced by forms like post-hardcore and progressive-rock. The quartet is just instrumental at the moment but that is subject to change, searching for vocals at the moment.
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If you are interested, visit us on: can download the tracks there with no registration and for FREE.
Or follow us on:
Thx for any comment and sharing!

Stellar Bay - 4 All the Prophets, video (instrumental demo) 2016

Oskar Villarreal: Blizzard - internet jam playthrough

Instrumental song written and performed by me, featuring two members of the Vitruvius family from different eras, Ronnie and Bjorn, both excellent musicians and friends of mine , each of us recorded in different cities.