Tom Quayle: The Guitar Hour Competition - you have to be in it to win it!

The Guitar Hour


1, We encourage ALL to enter... even if all you can play is a few notes in the E minor pentatonic scale, GO FOR IT.

2, Record a video of you playing a solo over the track (Not the full track just the gap in the middle)

3, Don't leave it too late cos we might not have chance to review it. Dead line is JULY 3rd.

4, Post it on YOUR page and tag 'The Guitar Hour' Page and use the‪#‎TheGuitarHourSoloComp‬

5, We will choose the solo we like the best and feature it on the final show of Season 2 on July 7th.
We will play the intro, and YOU take over!!! And it will be on Youtube forever!

6,We will choose the solo WE like the best. It could be the flashiest, funniest, most expressive, or most unique... Just be yourself and have fun OK?

7, Mistakes are fine, we aren't looking for perfection: We value attitude, soul and musicality.(You've seen all mistakes we make on the show right?)

8, You can miming or using midi and other nonsense...but we will find out and make fun of you...Don't do it!(unless you are trying to be funny...and you WANT us to make fun of you!!LOL)

9, Have fun....

10, Seriously, just have fun...

Here is the track :