Monday, 16 May 2016

Bob Zabek: Żołądkowa Gorzka Session 2016 a tribute to Polish Vodka from Poland

Żołądkowa Gorzka = Polish Vodka from Poland, check it out, it´s good :) this is me on guitar & bass playing and a drum loop mimicking a jam session setting with a little "be-bob-to-bebop-improvisation" from today. cheers, bob

Żołądkowa Gorzka Session - by Bob Zabek May 16th 2016

Nick Andrew: guitar synth for '1984' Van Halen

I was mucking about with my Imposcar synth and discovered a sound along the lines of Eddie Van Halen's 1984 sound, so I decided to learn the piece. Someone did ask at a gig if I could do some Van Halen guitar vids!!!!
It is totally off the cuff and I should have used my hold pedal, but it's all in storage. What you hear is what you get!
I'm using my Triple play to control the G-Force imposcar which is in my Macbook pro, going straight into a wee Vox mini 3.
Like I said it was off the cuff, so I recorded it straight onto my iphone.

Huge thank you to the chaps at Robertson music for letting me do so many 80's farts in the basement.

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'1984' Van Halen cover by Nick Andrew

Richard Hallebeek: Good To Go - 2nd song from new CD due end 2016

Here’s a 2nd song from my new cd that will be out end 2016.
Part of this song I wrote back in 1994 on my little Yamaha QY-20 sequencer while studying at Musician’s Institute in L.A. - only took me another 22 years until I thought it was ‘Good To Go’ ;-)

Frans Vollink - Bass
Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Drums
Rich - Everything else

The cd will be out Q4 on my label Richie Rich Music. All guitar sounds are 100% Axe-FX.
Thanks Marco Bosch for the RiHa custom picks and TC Electronics for the cool pedals!

Richard Hallebeek: Good To Go - 2nd song from new CD due end 2016

News: $40,000 worth of Kiesel Guitars Carvin Guitars stolen - PLEASE SHARE

Here are the images front and rear along with the serial numbers of the stolen guitars (FYI, no customer guitars were taken, only in-stock guitars)....

Mika Tyyskä: Mr. Fastfinger - Beach Turtles On the Rocks (Live) Guitar melodic instrumental

Upcoming show: Mr. Fastfinger Band live at Grand Porvoo.
Lauantai 21.5. 2016. Tänä viikonloppuna! Lisää infoa osoitteessa:

Mr. Fastfinger Band performing the tune "Beach Turles" at the Guitars on the Rocks festival in 27th of February 2016. The tune was composed almost daily 20 years ago. It was recorded and re-arranged for Mr. Fastfinger album In Motion (2012). Hope you enjoy this good vibe!

Rockway online music school did a online stream from the event. This video and audio is taken straight the material. No remix and edit. Well maybe a slight mastering eq / compression to the audio!

Mr. Fastfinger Band:
Mika Tyyskä, Lasse Rantanen, Kalle Katz, Thomas Törnroos

Guitars on the Rock
at On the Rocks, Helsinki.
Event producer Luca Gargano
Front of house mixing engineer Mikko Salonen

Video and audio footage captured by Rockway

Big thank you
Luca Gargano, Ville Salojärvi. Guitar on the Rocks performing artists and bands. Rockway for capturing this gig and giving me the footage.

Mika's live gear:
Ruokangas Guitars - The Green Guitar
Hughes & Kettner - Tubemeister deluxe 40
TC Electronic - G-system
Mad Professor - Forest Green Compressor and Simble overdrive

Mr. Fastfinger - Beach Turtles On the Rocks (Live) Guitar melodic instrumental

Kelly Simonz: clinic performance of Future Destination



Future Destination - EVOLUITON - Kelly SIMONZ

Ozgur Cali: İmprovisation of the Night

One of Özgür Çalı's improvisation.

Ozgur Cali: İmprovisation of the Night

Cristóbal Sanhueza: Cohete Lunar - Guitar Playthrough

Disco: Impresiones (2015)
Tema: Cohete Lunar

1.Ignominia 04:43
2.Despertar del Ente 03:28
3.Alineamiento 03:59
4.Cohete Lunar 04:01
5.Libre Pensamiento 04:26
6.Intuición 04:13
7.Materia Oscura 05:03
8.Blues Magenta 05:13
9.De Madrugada 02:49
10.Perspectiva 04:01
11.Progresura 05:02
12.Recuerdo Lejano 03:54

The album is the summation of much of the musical influences I've had in my career to date. Among them we can find items ranging from classic Hard rock like AC / DC, to a more harmonious fusion Rock where one of my references is Jeff Beck. You can also identify different rhythms and textures reminiscent of the Progressive Rock of the 70 's 90 's . I had the pleasure of having both the process of pre-production and recording, collaboration with colleagues and musicians from the local scene (Santiago, Chile)

released November 29, 2015 Christopher Sanhueza: Guitars, Arrangements, Composition and Production Maximiliano de la Fuente: Batteries Danilo Carcamo: Bass Felipe Leyton: Bass (shame and Dark Matter) Mauricio Olivares: Keyboards (Dark Matter and Progresura) Felipe González: Keyboards (Rocket Lunar) Ignacio Diaz: Only acoustic (Rocket Lunar) Sebastian Lopez: Saxo Alto and Soprano (Blues Magenta and De Madrugada) Heidi Weinrib: Voices (Rocket Lunar) mixing and Mastering: Pablo Stipicic (except "De Madrugada" mixed by Angelo Marini and "Recuerdo Far" by Carlos Barros) album cover (Art): Elby Huerta


Cristóbal Sanhueza - Cohete Lunar (Guitar Playthrough)

Scott Van Zen: Liquid Pickless

Scott Van Zen Liquid Pickless. Sometimes I like to see what I can come up with by not using a pick. It's limiting but at the same time opens new doors. Thanks for listening

Scott Van Zen Liquid Pickless

Tim Henson, Scott LePage: Polyphia Renaissance, Muse albums released simultaneously in Japan

polyphia japan HP :

Polyphia’s JAPAN DEBUT album, 'Renaissance’.
Out MAY 25th 2016.


アルバム”RENAISSANCE” 5/25 いよいよ日本デビュー

『Renaissance /ルネッサンス」 polyphia
日本発売 2016年5月25日
品番:XSCP-6 全曲分ギターコード譜付き


1. Culture Shock
2. Light
3. Florence
4. Nightmare
5. Storm
6. Bittersweet
7. Symmetry
8. Ivory
9. Paradise
10. Amour
11. Crush
12. Euphoria

『Muse /ミューズ』polyphia
日本発売 2016年5月25日
品番:XSCP-7 全曲分ギターコード譜付き

1. 87
2. Sweet Tea (ft. Aaron Marshall of Intervals)
3. Champagne (ft. Nick Johnston)
4. Aviator (ft. Jason Richardson of Chelsea Grin)
5. The Jungle (ft. Jakub Zytecki of Disperse)
6. Memory
7. Mood Swing
8. Hourglass (ft. Nick Sampson of I Am Abomination)
9. James Franco
10. Baditude (ft. Mario Camarena & Erick Hansel)
11. Finale

iTunes: GooglePlay:
SUBSCRIBE: Stream the full album here!


Renaissance Available On:

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Tim Henson:

Scott LePage:

Clay Gober

Original drums by Brandon Burkhalter:

Mixed, mastered, and produced by Nick Sampson.

Polyphia Renaissance, Muse albums released simultaneously 5/25 Japan landing Porifia

Demetrio Scopelliti: Legator Musikmesse 2016 Hotone Booth

Démétrio Scopelliti made a demo on the Hotone booth during the Musikmesse 2016.

Démétrio Scopelliti Musikmesse 2016 Hotone Booth

Daniele Gottardo: The Nuts - Confirmation

Daniele Gottardo's new album GIANT NUTS:
Release date: May15 on:

Track List:

1. Koko
2. Milestones
3. Oleo
4. Purple Haze
5. Mr. P.C.
6. Confirmation
7. Move
8. Tenor Madness
9. Come as You Are
10. Vegan Fitness

For any booking inquiries, please contact:

Daniele Gottardo & The Nuts - Confirmation

Sam Bell: working on feel for new tunes

Working on new music.

Hairiest Guitar Solo Ever.

http: // ...
versatility, technique and creativity. That's what happens when strong of these three talents, the acrobatic guitarist English Sam Bell rereads the eight strings of the Daft Punk electro dance arrangements with the sounds and techniques of shred.

Guitar Lesson: "How to play a 8 strings guitar" (Sam Bell)

Yngwie Malmsteen: announces upcoming album with a shot of the cover!

Yngwie Malmsteen

New Yngwie Malmsteen World On Fire!

Brett Garsed: Beyond The Void - "The is the sort of thing that I'd like to hear Yngwie Malmsteen play"

This is part three of a six part soloing series in Guitar Techniques magazine with the Australian guitarist, Brett Garsed.
Brett discusses his choice of scales and legato/hybrid picking soloing approach then from 2m58s he performs his solo.
For the complete transcription of Brett's solo get Guitar Techniques issue 259 on sale 6th July 2016.
Beyond The Void was written and recorded by Jason Sidwell.
For more on Brett Garsed visit
To subscribe and/or purchase the digital version of Guitar Techniques visit:­­­s-guitar-magazine/id451419414?mt=8
To get the print version visit­­tar-techniques-magazine-subscription/

Brett Garsed - Beyond The Void (HD)

Marco Sfogli: DV Mark - "Nothing Is Lost" NAMM 2016 - Marco Sfogli performs his track "Nothing Is Lost" for DV Mark amplifiers at NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: Marco Sfogli @ DV Mark - "Nothing Is Lost" [4K]

Rob Scallon: Every Metallica Song in 4 Minutes

Every Metallica song, in order, in 4 minutes.

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2nd Channel:

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Zero Metallica Songs in 4 Minutes: (will be on 2nd channel)

Every Metallica Song in 4 Minutes

Maycown Reichembach: with the Quantum Orchestra - "Flying Elephant" Argentina 2016

"Flying Elephant" is a Funk/Jazz/Rock piece. Recorded on May 2 in Buenos Aires - Argentina.
Performed, composed, arranged and orchestrated by Maycown Reichembach.


Simona Soddu: Burn Out - great promo video from the excellent instrumental album 'Leftovers'

Burn Out is the opening track of my instrumental album 'Leftovers'.

If you enjoyed my music and you want to SUPPORT ME, visit my BANDCAMP for merch & physical CDs:

Leftovers is also available on:
SPOTIFY (free streaming) :
CDBABY (digital) :

Video & Photography by Davide & Ivan Sgualdini (
Video editing & FX by Simona Soddu.
Color Grading by Davide Sgualdini.
Special thanks to Davide, Ivan Sgualdini and Gianluca Menchi for their help, knowledge and gear.

Music by Simona Soddu;
All guitars by Simona Soddu;
Bass by Simona Soddu;
Produced by Davide Sgualdini and Simona Soddu;
Engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered by Davide Sgualdini.

Blank - Simona Soddu

Rohan Stevenson: I Built The Sky - Melbourne Guitar Show

I Built The Sky's Rohan Stevenson demonstrates finger tapping. Triple M and Australian Musician presents Melbourne Guitar Show August 6 & 7, 2016 Caulfield Racecourse

Rohan Stevenson: I Built The Sky - Melbourne Guitar Show

Tom Quayle: at the workshop "Laney. Just Play It" in Wroclaw 2016

Tom Quayle at the workshop "Laney. Just Play It" in Wroclaw, on 04/20/2016.

Workshop with Tom Quayle Wroclaw

Richard Daudé: 51 Extreme Tapping Licks - new lesson package - take your guitar to the next level

51 Extreme Tapping Licks
By Richard Daudé
Take your tapping technique to the extreme with
Richard Daudé in what is likely to go down as the
most advanced LickLibrary course ever.

Over the course of 51 licks you will cover
advanced and exotic scales

• multi finger tapping
• bumblefoot style thimble tapping
• wide intervallic ideas
• large position shifts
• string skipping
• and much more
• Wide Intervallic Patterns
•Pentatonic Sweep Picking
•Large Position Shifts

This course is absolutely not for those who scare easily, but
with the videos, tabs and backing track provided Richard
will have you seeing endless possibilities
- See more at: