Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Akihiko Onji: Herbie Hancock - Actual Proof - Two-Hand Tapping

Herbie Hancock - Actual Proof - Akihiko Onji - Two-Hand Tapping - Strandberg - Boden OS 7 - FRACTAL AUDIO - Axe-Fx II XL

Herbie Hancock - Actual Proof - Akihiko Onji - Two-Hand Tapping

David Tilghman: plays "Path of The Warrior" live on EMGtv - 9 string brutality

David Tilghman, known for his work in Wesley Belmont, performs "Path of The Warrior" on the EMGtv stage. His progressive style and through composition takes advantage of the full range of his 9 string guitar. With the EMG 909X pickups, David is able to capture an array of melodic and percussive tones highlighting his two handed technique. Check out this performance and others every week on EMGtv. Subscribe to EMGtv for automatic updates.

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David Tilghman plays "Path of The Warrior" live on EMGtv

Gus G: Ozzy's guitarist talks US tour, new music - Louder Noise

Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist Gus G. talks about his US tour "Brand New Revolution" and new music. Gus G. takes us behind working with some of the best writers and vocalist in the industry.
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Ozzy's guitarist Gus G. talks US tour, new music - Louder Noise

Paul Gilbert: I Can Destroy - new album gets a US release


From platinum album sales and number one chart success as a founding member of MR. BIG, to frightening the guitar community with new levels of ferocious picking technique with shred-pioneers RACER X, to exploring punk, pop, classical, blues, jazz, and progressive instrumental styles in his solo career, PAUL GILBERT has recorded a massive amount of stunning guitar music, all while circling the globe to play sold-out arenas from Japan to Jakarta.

His newest record ‘I Can Destroy’ is released on May 27th on earMUSIC 2016 as CD Jewel and digital.
PAUL GILBERT’s style stands out for its rare combination of accuracy, creativity, and power – all which are balanced with PAUL’s sense of humor and pure love of music.
Although PAUL is best known for his work with MR. BIG and RACER X, he has also toured with Joe Satriani’s G3, played in a host of tribute concerts with legendary drummer Mike Portnoy, and been integral in the design of his signature Ibanez PGM and Fireman guitars.

PAUL’s legacy as a guitar instructor began when he was eighteen, when he was hired to teach at Hollywood’s Guitar Institute of Technology. His groundbreaking “Intense Rock” videos and DVDs have inspired legions of guitarists to improve their accuracy, speed, and phrasing. Years as a columnist for Guitar Player magazine, and most recently, Premier Guitar magazine, along with giving countless clinics, private lessons, and serving for five years as the dean of MI Japan, have given PAUL GILBERT deep experience in the art of communicating music to all levels of guitarists.

Over twenty-five years in the music business have only increased PAUL’s passion to explore the possibilities of music and the art of playing the guitar. Whether he’s playing to 10,000 fans or jamming one-on-one with a student, PAUL GILBERT is living his childhood dream of taking the sounds in his head and bringing them into reality – on the electric guitar.

‘I Can Destroy’ is PAUL’s next solo-masterpiece and will be his 18th solo album. The album features 13 very diverse rock-tunes. With Kevin Shirley producing, and an amazing band of Freddie Nelson and Tony Spinner on guitars and vocals, Kevin Chown on bass, and Thomas Lang on drums, PAUL rocks with more power and emotion than ever before.

‘I Can Destroy’ will be available on May 27th 2016 as CD Jewel and digital.

Paul Gilbert "I Can Destroy" (Snippet) - New Album "I Can Destroy"

Alex Machacek: Demystifying The Fretboard and Guitar Rhythm Studies videos

Artist: Alex Machacek  Rent or Buy these videos

Alex Machacek (Demystifying The Fretboard)
Guitar, Fretboard Knowledge, Soloing, Playing Through Changes, 12 Tone Rows, Etc.

Length: 36:41

Description: In this “Demystifying The Fretboard” guitar lesson, renowned Austrian guitarist Alex Machacek shows you how to master your entire neck. Alex discusses and demonstrates his 12 tone system for opening up the entire fingerboard so that you’re able to play melodically and chordally in all positions of the guitar. If you are looking to gain mastery over your guitar neck, this guitar masterclass is for you.

Topics Covered: Guitar, Knowing The Neck, 12 Tone Rows, Positions, Exercises, Scales, Chords, Modes, Mini Positions, Pentatonics, Soloing, Playing Through Changes, Using Rules and Restrictions, Superimposition, Motifs, Etc.

Alex Machacek (Guitar Rhythm Studies)

Guitar, Rhythm, Exercises, Soloing, Comping, Syncopation, Odd Times, Etc.

Length: 39:41

Description: In this “Guitar Rhythm Studies” lesson, renowned Austrian guitarist Alex Machacek shows you his method for rhythmic training on the instrument. Alex breaks down rhythm strengthening exercises, comping techniques, odd meter patterns and more. If you are looking to improve your rhythmic accuracy and vocabulary, this guitar masterclass is for you.

Topics Covered: Guitar, Rhythm, Subdivisions, 16th Notes, Triplets, Exercises, Utilizing Rhythm in Solos, Rhythm Section Interaction, Comping, Rhythm Playing, Ghost Notes, Odd Time Patterns, Syncopation, Techniques, Groupings, Etc.

Alex Machacek has performed and/or recorded with FAT, UK, Terry Bozzio, Virgil Donati, Gary Husband, Matt Garrison, Hadrien Feraud, Marco Minnemann, Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Sipe, Scott Kinsey, Don Byron, Planet X and Many More.

Mattias IA Eklundh: NOBS - NO BULL STUFF - one way to help the planet

nobs cow only

We take care of minimizing our carbon footprint.

nobs cow only

Our products are made of 100% all-natural materials.

nobs cow only

Our products are made by adults getting decent wages.

Life of Mr Nobs - Hoodie Hoodie

Life of Mr Nobs - Japanese Punk Design

Li-sa-X, Scott LePage, Tim Henson, Jason Richardson: Polyphia feature Li-sa-X the Japanese 10 year old girl on their promo video

Polyphia Japan Official Site :
2016年5月25日 日本特別盤発売決定!!

Polyphia "Aviator" cover / Li-sa-X (Japanese 10 year old girl)

Polyphia 日本初上陸
アルバム”RENAISSANCe” 5/25 いよいよ日本デビュー!!

Polyphia is a 3 piece instrumental act from Dallas, TX.
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Scott LePage: @scottielepage
Clay Gober: @claygober

Filmed and edited by AG Films.

Drums by Brandon Burkhalter:

Polyphia "Aviator" appeared Li-sa-X (Japanese 10 year old girl)

JiYeon Lee: Crying - stunning just 9 years old - student of Su mi Lee

One of my student
-In The Guitar Face Book
- Su Mi Lee Face Book

인더기타 Yngwie Malmsteen Crying 이지연 9 years Jiyeon Lee (구)대구마루음악학원

인더기타 Guthrie govan drivin blues 9 years 'JiYeon Lee' 범어초3 이지연 (구)대구마루음악학원

인더기타 electric gypsy covered by 'ji yeon Lee' 8 years old (real play) (구)대구마루음악학원

News: KORG new product launches - VOX modeling guitar of "Starstream"

Today (May 18), at the G-ROKS Shimotakaido rehearsal studio in Tokyo's Suginami Ward, K ORG has held the new product launches, VOX "Starstream" has been unveiled (outgoing sale May 28 ).
Detailed article here ↓Http://Tunegate.Me/P20160518010

[Japan's first open] KORG new product launches: VOX modeling guitar of "Starstream" (electric guitar-based sound)

[Japan's first open] KORG new product launches: VOX modeling guitar of "Starstream" (acoustic guitar and synth-based sound)

Japan's first open] KORG new product launches: VOX modeling guitar of "Starstream" (sections commentary)

Jen Majura: Ibanez Guitar Festival 2016

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Ibanez Guitar Festival 2016

Nili Brosh: Chicago clinic this Saturday!

Nili Brosh

Hey Chicago!!! Are you ready for my clinic this Saturday, May 21st? It'll be at El Rey Music Center in Arlington Heights at 4 pm, and advanced tix are still available! Get them here: to see you there! #guitar #clinic #guitarclinic#music #guitarist #guitarplayer #ibanez#ibanezguitars

Marcel Coenen: The very last Sun Caged show - Marcel prepares Reductio Ad Absurdum

20th of May 2016: The very last Sun Caged show is coming up, and here Marcel Coenen is working on the solo for the song "Reductio Ad Absurdum".
Info about the show:

Marcel Coenen, Practising the solo for "Reductio Ad Absurdum"

Roger Pedersen: new album release party at Valhalla- live

Leif Helge Olsen has made a 3 minutes summary of the 40 minutes release consert from my "Guitar Madness and other nice songs" album. I think he made a good job. If you want to support me , buy my new album at iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby etc.

Roger Pedersen- 3 minutes summary, release party at Valhalla- live


1 Classic Maniac 3:03
2 Sweep Sheep 3:40
3 Leftovers 1:33
4 Sicko 3:05
5 Just over those Hills 2:27
6 Response to Bullshit 4:09
7 Tribute 3:51
8 Acoustic Fingerspitzengefuhl 0:54
9 The Swarm 3:05
10 Snacks 2:11
11 Bazinga 3:21
12 And a bottle of Rum 2:58
13 Twilight Zone 3:02
14 Save me from myself (feat. Johannes Støle) 3:52

Save me from myself- Roger Pedersen