Sunday, 22 May 2016

Nick Menza: dies at the Baked Potato RIP


Chris Poland: There are no words... just to describe what a great guy he was, let alone his creative ability and amazing talent. Not enough words to describe. Just devastated right now.
My wife showed me a photo he just photoshopped from when he was up north, where he looks like atlas holding up that ring. I mean, that's the kinda stuff he did just off the top of his head. I honestly think God ran out of ideas and had to have Nick, like, help him out. Because... why else?

When I was recently in the hospital he was on the phone with my wife the whole time, just begging her to make her dinner, asking, "Can I go get you guys anything? Do you want me to go shopping?" Who does that? You know, there's not enough words to describe.
Robby "Pag" Pagliari: Stunned. Just stunned. Such a kind generous human being and great dad. Probably the happiest he's been in a long time. He got a chance to see his kids for a couple weeks. In a year we've lost so many talented people - we just lost another one... Great guy, great player, most importantly great guy. We're devastated with what happened.
Poland and Pagliari: Our prayers go out to the Menza family and all his friends and fans.
R.I.P. Nick Menza - He passed away playing a gig at the Baked Potato in L.A.?

Allen E Hall he had a heart attack while playing a set with ohm at the baked potato...he died on the way to the hospital.  His mom got to the potato while he was in the ambulance and he died on the way to the hospital. She got to the hospital and got to say goodbye

Andy James DowdneyRIP Nick Menza!! Not so long ago we had exchanged a couple of emails that suggested we might work together on a new project both being mutual fans, but unfortunately due to other things happening this never came about. Most people site Countdown to Extinction or Rust in Peace as their top choices, but I always remember Youthanasia to be my introduction to Megadeth and is still one of my favourites of theirs. Nicks contribution to metal will be sadly missed, but know that he left behind a string of awesome albums we can appreciate forever.
Megadeth Holy wars Nick Menza Drums Only

Luís Kalil: more recording for the New Album (2016)

We just finished recording the new album. Check this take from the past week. Lots of Reverse Tappings going on.... Stay tuned to get more info.

Check out Luís Kalil on the web:
Instagram: luiskalil_

Luís Kalil's New Album (2016) - Guitar Recordings

Igor Paspalj: Legato Etude from Hell

Here's one silly thing that crossed my mind listening and jamming to some Guthrie Govan's tracks. I am playing whole tune only with my left hand combining standard legato tehnique with some Allan Holdsworth unique legato style, although my playing doesn't have anything to do with Holdsworth :) Recorded this one over one of GG backing tracks, using my AxeFX II, and touch of amazing FAS Reverb plug-in in final mix. Of course, GruvGear is there to help mute open string noise :) Hope You gonna like it, Cheers!

Legato Etude from Hell - Igor Paspalj

Adam Fulara: Autumn Leaves - Two handed virtuoso

Two handed virtuoso Adam Fulara performs Autumn Leaves!

Adam Fulara Autumn Leaves

Roberto Restuccia: Sunday morning jam

Roberto Restuccia: Sunday morning jam

22 May 2016

Mikio Fujioka: Chordal ideas examples

Mikio Fujioka: Chordal ideas examples

藤岡幹大/ mikio fujioka [ 和風奏本家 Guitar playing ] BABYMETAL

Kyoji Yamamoto: 10 Historic Guitars - Japan's elder statesman of guitar talks about his guitars

Kyoji Yamamoto: 10 Historic Guitars - Japan's elder statesman of guitar talks about his guitars

山本恭司 Kyoji Yamamoto 10 Hisyoric Guitars

Nicklas Ghost: V I S T Λ by Ghost Iris promo playthrough

Ghost Iris


George Constantine Kratsas: Strange Attractor from upcoming album Re-engineering Chaos - extended range guitar mayhem

George Constantine Kratsas in association with EMG pickups, ENGL amps and Two Notes audio engineering present the official video of the track ''Strange Attractor'' taken from the upcoming guitar instrumental album entitled ''Re-engineering Chaos''.

|| George Constantine Kratsas || Strange Attractor || Official Video