Monday, 14 November 2016

Alberto Barsi: Debut album recording session

Hi guys! This is what I've been working on during my absence! Here's a small clip showing the recording of the demo version of on of my songs, this is called "Blackened Angels". More news on the album coming soon, stay tuned! :) \m/

Alberto Barsi | Debut album recording session

Adam Duquemin: Melodic Ballad Solo - Strandberg Boden OS7 - FM 84 Tears

here is a guitar solo over a really cool 80s ballad track FM 84 - tears, using my new Strandberg Boden OS7 and guitar rig 5 80s solo pre- set really hope you enjoyed, subscribe for more , many thanks for watching
FM7 - tears - backing track

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Guitar Solo - Melodic Ballad Solo - Strandberg Boden OS7 - FM 84 Tears

Leda: Boden J Standard Launch & Demo

Leda of Far East Dizain and BABYMETAL plays a few songs on his Custom Shop Boden 8 and demonstrates the new Boden J 7 Standard at Tokyo Guitar Show/Japan Musical Instrument Fair/Gakki Fair 2016

Leda Boden J Standard Launch & Demo

Tom Geldschläger: Dharmata - Defeated Sanity

Tom Fountainhead playing Defeated Sanity´s "Dharmata" upon joining the band as touring guitar player in november 2016.

Fountainhead playing "Dharmata" by Defeated Sanity

Terence Hansen, Ron Baggerman: don't ask me how this double neck works!

Concert in Gouda Studios of
Terence Hansen (USA) Double Neck Tapguitar & Vocals
Ron Baggerman (NL) Ziggy tapbass/tapgtr, Hammond & Vocals
Tjeerd Klapwijk (NL) Drums

Terence Hansen - Ron Baggerman - Tjeerd Klapwijk GS 20161111VidJanBoele1

Terence Hansen - Ron Baggerman - Tjeerd Klapwijk GS 20161111VidJanBoele2

Joel Hoekstra: Precision String Bending 101

In this episode of School of Rock, Whitesnake's Joel Hoekstra teaches you how to bring your string bending to the next level, with tips to achieve perfect precision. For tabs, check out:

Joel Hoekstra - Precision String Bending 101

Marcin Patrzalek: Asturias (Isaac Albeniz) - Solo Acoustic Guitar - Candyrat

"Asturias" composed by Isaac Albeniz rearranged and performed by 16yr old Marcin Patrzalek. It's a single from Marcin's debut album ‚HUSH'
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Video by 'ColorCore Video Studio’

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Marcin Patrzalek - Asturias (Isaac Albeniz) - Solo Acoustic Guitar

Daniel Voth: Trancendance - Guitar- CandyRat

Title track from Daniel Voth's new record release 'Trancendance'.

CDs, Mp3 and Wave file Downloads, Guitar Tabs available now at

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Daniel Voth - Trancendance - Guitar

Brian Maillard: "OREV" from Melody in Captivity

 Orev song from Brian Maillard "Melody in Captivity" album

Alex Hutchings: Music China 2016 Live in Shanghai

Alex Hutchings performing live at the recent Music China 2016 event live in Shanghai

Alex Hutchings Music China 2016 Live in Shanghai

Michael Angelo Batio: PROG - w/DV Mark Multiamp

On this video Michael Angelo Batio talks about his DV Mark Multiamp and explains the reasons why he picked it between hundreds of amps available on the market.
Enjoy his performance of the song "Prog"!

Michael Angelo Batio - PROG - w/DV Mark Multiamp

Billy Sheehan: Linea Rock 2016 by Barbara Caserta

“Maestro Billy” on Sunday November 13th 2016 was in Milano, the town that he calls his second home (his sweet italian wife Elisabetta is from here!), for a special bass clinic: we’re honoured he also took time to come back and visit us in our studios at Linea Rock! I (Barbara) was more than happy to take the chance to make this in depth videointerview. Top class act: get ready to be once again surprised on how humility is what it comes down to, even when you’re such a talented phenomenon as Mr Billy Sheehan is! We started from these “school of rock clinics” and how they work, what he delivers, what he gets, how he keeps it fresh after so many years… and guess who was one of the first musicians attending his very first clinic? We also discussed his style which changed “the world of bass” forever, the “two handed tapping technique” and who really invented it (not Eddie Van Halen by the way!), his dreams as a kid, how he very first started playing and how he came up to his "Green Tinted Sixties Signature Bass by Yamaha" and develop it . Then the Talas 2012 reunion and also travelling back in time with the David Lee Roth Band last year and what really happened at “that” L.A. “surprise gig” cancelled last minute! Mr Big’s & The Winery Dogs’ stories (way back to the very first rehearsals) and of course new projects coming for both bands… And considering that Sheehan is named in the “Bassist Top List” of almost everybody, find out which is his “Top 3 Best Bassists of all Time”… And as complete artist, do you think he is more demanding as a bass player, songwriter or producer? Find out yourself! We talked also practising and his diet, on and off the road, to keep fit in every sense, working with Steve Vai thru the years at different levels, his autobiography book in the can, the risky business to live up to such a huge career like his… And have you ever wondered which is the last thing Billy do before going on stage, and the first when he gets off? And of course, last but not least, the crucial question of the moment: how does Billy foresee the USA with Donald Trump as a President? Discover his vote and why he made his very focused choice…
Open hearted and open minded as it can get, God bless him!
Enjoy & Comment! Thanks for watching...

BILLY SHEEHAN - interview @Linea Rock 2016 by Barbara Caserta

Kiko Loureiro: testing new patches for the Zoom G5n

Kiko Loureiro backstage Megadeth, showing the patches scheduled for G5n Zoom.

To download the patches, go to : https: // ...

Kiko Loureiro e seus patches para a Zoom G5n

Joop Wolters: demos the Zoom g5n

zoom g5n direct to pa

used gear
zoom q8
zoom g5n
esp e2 st1
ltd h101fm

Zoom g5n

Al Mu'min: Varberg Demo at Tokyo Guitar Show/Gakki Fair 2016

Al Mu'min of The HAARP Machine performs three songs live with the new production .strandberg* Varberg 6-string fixed bridge guitar that launched at the Tokyo Guitar Show/Japan Musical Instrument Fair/Gakki Fair 2016. This model will launch worldwide in early 2017 - please check out for more information.

Al Mu'min Varberg Demo at Tokyo Guitar Show/Gakki Fair 2016

I Wayan Balawan: Cover Que sera - stunning two hands and two necks

Perth nov 122016

I Wayan Balawan: Cover Que sera - stunning two hands and two necks

Cover Que sera Balawan

Uli Jon Roth: new Dommenget Sky Guitar 8 strings

Uli Jon Roth plays a Classical / Flamenco guitar part
on a new Dommenget Sky Guitar 8 strings

FULL HD ♫ Uli Jon Roth "Classical/flamenco guitar part" Live @ Circus Scandicci 2016

Uli Jon Roth "We'll Burn the Sky"
Guitar cam
11.11.2016 Scandicci (Firenze)
Scorpions "Taken By Force" Album, 1977
2016 World Tour

FULL HD ♫ Uli Jon Roth "We'll Burn the Sky" live @ Circus Scandicci 2016

Andre Nieri, Virgil Donati: Verona, Italy, on the 'Brazilian Connection Tour' 2016.

Junior Ribeiro Braguinha Andre Nieri official

Verona, Italy, on the 'Brazilian Connection Tour' 2016.

Mamoru Morishita: Passionate Memoir 2001

Boxer and Guitarist Mamoru Morishita's Site
Ithamara Koorax and Mamoru Morishita's cd.Now on sale.

Passionate Memoir (15th jan 2001) by Mamoru Morishita

Robert Ritchiesse: improvising to Sol Niger Within on 11-string

This video is only a humble recording – just for fun – with a camera with a stereo microphone. Take it or leave it.

During my practice, I got this idea of improvising to Fredrik Thordendal’s marvelous album Sol Niger Within – just improvise, for fun. The backtrack I’m using is this video, also available on You-tube:

In my video I’m using a Digitech 2101 GSP Studio Tube Processor; Allan Holsdworth Overdrive Boost-pedal and a Fender Twin Amp.

And that 11-stringed ”ax” of mine … Well, in short: That 11-stringed guitar is my "main ax" since almost 20 years. The guitar was made by luthiers on my commission and from my performance requirement.

The tuning system, from "top to bottom" followed by string dimensions: g 0,007, d 0,010, bb 0,013, f 0,018w, C 0,026, G 0,036, D 0,046, G 0,060, Eb 0,074, D 0,074, C 0,074.

Rob Guz improvising to Sol Niger Within (F. Thordendal) on 11-stringed guitar – just for fun