Charlie Hunter: bing, bing, bing

Doug Doppler: nu-shift in frequency

Jon Finn: two monkeys jump back

Sean Baker: a real pressure cooker blowing off steam

Miki Birta: pluto fusion flows fast

Scott Szeryk: blue rock turns to sand

Paulo Barros: karma6

César Huesca: en un mejor lugar

Mark Tremonti: rock from the alter

Scott Taylor: t-rok with angels wings

Alan Morse: major buzz

Ash Goodwin: we are but dust of stars

Manu Allicot: mad man shred man

John Inman: eclectic skies wide open

Doug Stapp: naturally duck wired

Luc Oggel: 200% x-proof

TJ Helmerich: beyond octodigital

Jason Kelly: start of the end game

David T Chastain: one man guitar army

Lelio Padovani: wheel of fortune

Faraz Anwar: through the passage of time

Jim Finn: slips you a mickey

Joe Bochar: joboj

Dave Sharman: beyond 1990