Jason Kelly: start of the end game

Jason Kelly has created his own web site, but maintains his MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jasonsnewmusic. Check out the web site for news and new video material.

An interview from the hard working Dave B on instrumentalcase.com

Jason Kelly is featured in guitar9's undiscovered series.

Lots of YouTube video from Jasonjk74 including

Far Apart live

Future is Now

Face The Music


Jason Kelly was born in Cleveland, Ohio and started the guitar late at the age of 17. He has subsequently practiced up to 16 hours a day studying music theory to make up for lost time.

He survived a serious car accident around Christmas 2005, in which he and his family were hit by a drunk driver, Jason has approached his music with a new energy, determined not to procrastinate any further; reaffirming that life is unpredictable. He released a EP CD which is available online his MySpace web site.

He was also featured on Guitar Players MySpace Hordes