Alan Morse: major buzz

Alan Morse is on MySpace: his recent release has had significant air play on my mp3 player. Four O' Clock and Hysteria Alan's new solo CD

Check out soundclips This is a solid CD with strong writing as well as playing performance from Alan, available from

Spock's Beard plays a track from Alan's new album at BAR Fest, in San Francisco

"Return to Whatever"

Alan Morse is from Monrovia, California. Alan is a multi instrumentalist, playing Guitar, Theremin, Saw, Cello and also providing vocals for the band Spock's Beard.

His musical influences include: Mick Ronson, Charlie Parker, Fess Parker, Parker Brothers, Brian May, Adrian Belew, Bill Nelson.

Guitars: Fernandez Sustainer, Fender Strat, Gibson Jazz, Danelectro Electric Sitar, GIbson Les Paul, Taylor 6&12-string acoustic, Moog Theremin

Pedal Board: Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah, Digitech RP-20, Digitech XP300 Space Station Pedal, Digitech Whammy Pedal, Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Boss Graphic EQ
Other FX: Echoplex, Talk Box, DS-1 Distortion, Mutron, Vintage Univibe Pedal, Leslie Speaker, Big Muff Pi, Amp: Marshall 50 Watt half-stack.

When not working with Spock's Beard, Alan is President of DynaMetric, Inc. an electronics manufacturing company.