Rafael Moreira: Christina's string bender talks with Laurie Monk

Mark McGuigan: melodic solo competition

Rob Chappers: Chappers TV #2

Pilho: melodic solo competition

Rob Chappers: shredding Music Man John Petrucci JPX6 and Hufschmid Black Droid

Mattias IA Eklundh: Swedish Dance Music

Tom Edwards: Fields of the Nephilim endorse Chapman Guitars

Rael Pestana: double neck 8 finger tapping

Steve Vai: Speed (VaiTunes #3)

George Lynch: feature on new Willie Basse Single

Tomo Fujita: unky groove Live in Tokyo

Dmitriy Balalayev: time to burn

Kostas Karatroudis: Gus G's guitar interviewed by Joe Bosso

Chris Broderick: live gear check out

Armen Mkrtchyan: great fusion improv in melodic minor and chromatics

Elliot Noble: excellent tribute to Steve Vai Eugene's Trickbag - 15 year olds

Carlo Losavio: While my guitar gently weeps

Hedras Ramos: Rimmerama interview

Niels Vejlyt: new DVD and lesson books

Hedras Ramos: building up some top licks for the latest release

Alberto Rigoni: Lady and the bass

Dean Wells: Egnater shredding

Marco Sfogi: Two new interviews