Juan Carlos Portillo,Dávid Mókos:Storm Bird

Sergio Paganini: Rock Fusion - Out of Reach

Jim Machairas: revisits Shred this

Michael Lee Firkins: Ronnie Montrose Memorial Concert 2012

Tom Quayle: Empress Effects Phaser - nth degree demo

Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue - AJ and the boys off to China!!!

Andy James: the high performance series V12

Vinnie Moore, Jonathan Grell, Laurie Monk: Time Machine - Stanton T92

Laurie Monk: listening queue of physical CD's growing

Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue sign to EMI

Panos Arvanitis: F# diatonic pentatonics at high velocity

Emiliano Zapata: first sight of new solo CD

Rex Pearson: Steve Vai Tender Surrender Alien

Eric Maldonado: Eric Johnson Pentatonics

Aleksandar Sukovic: transcribing piano for guitar

Fred Brum: Eclipse - Lace Pickups Deathbar demo

Mirko Quaglio: great Legato Fusion - Schecter Blackjack C-7

David Jacobson: time to jam - live improvisation

Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight #6

Milan Polak: Back On Track competition... one way to do it!

Jason Becker: The JB200C officially announced

Allan Holdsworth: Fabrik - Hamburg, Germany 2012

Alex Martinho,Juninho Afram,Sydnei Carvalho,Gustavo di Padua: Double Vision

Jason Becker: gets his own YouTube Artist channel

Trevor Rabin: Facebook fan page

Marcos De Ros: A Vingança do Seu Madruga

Andy Timmons: Masterclass Black Cat 2012

Jason Sadites: East Amplification Club 18 and Studio 2 Demo

John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess: Dream Theater video competition

Daniel Fries: Affector - Harmagedon