Daniele Gottardo: jellybeard sign the guitar maestro!

Joe Pinnavaia: Ibanez Blazer - A Minor to D Minor

Adam Nolly Getgood: Demos Bare Knuckle pickups

Tomasz Mucha, Fred Brum: Apterygidae and Walkie Talkie

Rick Graham: Carl Martin Plexitone & Two Faze Demo

Glen Drover: leaves Queensrÿche

Mistheria,Roger Staffelbach,John Macaluso: keyboard star working on new instrumental CD "Gemini"

Austin Peralta: Allan Holdsworth's piano prodigy passes at age 22.

Sam Bell: Icicle - 8 string death courtesy Ibanez RG2228A

Alex Park: Recital - Pepperdine University

Franck Karmattitude: Karmattitude Band Facebook page

Paul Brown: Sunburst World new album available

Chris Brooks: only 80 physical copies left of this masterpiece - The Master Plan!

Jamie Humphries: talks about his Brian May rig

Jake Reichbart: Giant Steps, John Coltrane - Fingerstyle

Roberto Restuccia: deep blue - must be the weather