Timo Somers: Aristides 010 - Gazette - Electric Guitar Solo

Su mi Lee: Dame guitar demonstration covering Alex Hutchings and Guthrie Govan

Ron Thal: and Dennis Leeflang, were interviewed on Chile's Radio Futuro

Andy James: Modern Classics Vol.1

Pete Sklaroff: hectic Christmas shopping in progress- time for some Coffee Break jamming

Derryl Gabel: Thanksgiving DVD and Download discount!

Shane Gibson, Thomas Lang: stOrk 101 - all you need to know about the new album

Alejandra Mesliuk,Cristian Lafont: Jam Duets 10 - part of a series of duet jams

Pete Cottrell: Moonshine 8 String Guitar tapping playthrough of new track

News: Albert King Style Backing Track (A)

Tom Quayle: Peerless Retromatic Guitar Review

Bryan Aspey: Demonstrates Epiphone Les Paul and SG Packages

Nita Strauss: Thanksgiving special - time to relax after the Turkey blow out!

News: Halo Guitars add a custom configurator

Kiko Loureiro: Ibanez - "...fact my first professional guitar"

Jack Gardiner: Man Flu Smooth Jazz

Kermheat: Ibanez add the inventive toaster and pony wielding Frenchman to their artists roster!

Lyle Watt: Seymour Duncan "Hot For Tele" pickups

Dave Martone: LAMA Online Guitar Lesson Excerpt from "Modes the Martone Way"

Eric Calderone: Ghostbusters Meets Metal

Al Di Meola: World Sinfonia featuring Rhani Krija

David Maxim Micic: David shows 'Epiphany' guest solo - at slow tempo

Andy James: Two Handed Tapping Guitar Solo Performance

Rick Graham: Bareknuckle Juggernaut Misha Mansoor demo

Neal Morse,Mike Portnoy: Transatlantic - are back with their new studio album Kaleidoscope - special limited edition Deluxe Artbook version

Martin Goulding: free lick taken from the “Dragon’s Fury” solo study

News: Let's Rock - Start Playing Now another one for the budding guitar player.

Damon Marks: Tony MacAlpine - Porcelain Doll

Xander Demos: taping an episode of the Real Radio Show in NYC

Jake E Lee, Ethan Brosh, Nili Brosh, Jon Reshard: Ethan and Nili to Support the Red Dragon Cartel!

Sam Coulson: Blues Turnaround Lesson

Plini,Sithu Aye,David Maxim Micic,Jakub Żytecki: Aye, Aye... oops no I've done that joke... so straight on to the new album is available!

Fred Brum: Aristides 070 - Katana - testing composite material on this prototype

Irene Ketikidi: Martial Arts & Magic Tricks - live jam!

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G - signs to Century Media to release a NEW solo album