Andy James: Modern Classics Vol.1

Modern Classics Vol.1

Introducing the first in our new Modern Classics Series, which is the perfect blend of classic rock vibes with melodic solos spanning the decades. There's a mixture of bluesy classic rock, modern alternative rock textures and sophisticated fusion-tinged pop/rock.

The tracks were written by JTC backing track extraordinaire Paul Harvey and the superb relaxed melodic solos are performed by Andy James. The solos are truly inspiring and capture the essense of what can be achieved over these types of tracks. Rest assured Andy manages to squeeze in some of his signature shred licks on occasion too!

10 tracks full of non-stop jamming heaven, inspiring solos and accurate JTC TAB/Notation to get stuck into! What better?

 10 solo tracks
 10 solo backing tracks
 10 extended jam tracks
 10 TAB/Notation