Marcel Coenen,Joop Wolters: Jason Becker NDY 2011

TJ Helmerich: Baked Potato 2012 with Marco Minneman on drums

News: Tokyo GIT Masters 2013 announced

Aaron Marshall: features on Auras Aporia from Panacea album

Ozielzinho: Video Lessons on DVD

Francesco Marras: Too hard to say goodbye - Black Sheep

Mistheria: One day in heaven - tribute to Shawn Lane

Bruno Pinheiro Machado: #MayonesDuncan competition - tapping entry

Simon Kinny-Lewis: Tasty Blues Shuffle

Rudy Wallang,Tipriti Kharbangar: Soulmate from Shillong - back with more super blues

Julian Scott: Europa - Guitar Solo 2013, getting the best out of living room recording

t-cophony: New Album - pressed for time - coming soon

George Lynch,Sarah Longfield,Ola Englund,Mike Fortin: set for Randall stand NAMM

Miroslav Mirosavljev: Mickylee - daily solo 5 and 3

Maja Partsch: Yngwie Malmsteen - vengeance

Daniele Gottardo: New web site, New CD, and NAMM show announced

Kiko Loureiro,Richie Kotzen: among performers set for Samson Technologies NAMM

Brent Sullivan,David Shankle,Pete Pachio: Kill or be killed

Paulo Aguirre: #MayonesDuncan competition - 976 entries!

Rudy Wallang,Tipriti Kharbangar: India's got the blues! Soulmate from Shillong

Remy Hansen: Freak Guitar Camp - Pick It Up

Greg Howe,Vernon Neilly: Brazil Blues

Jason Becker: Jam 1986 - got your tickets yet?

Lee Luland: The Furious Temptation - Prospekt

Greg Howe: Open Guitar Clinic announced for UK - Come And Get It!

Gord Olson: #MayonesDuncan Contest - unofficial entry

Seku: #MayonesDuncan competition

Ryuuta Sasaki: Mayones/Seymour Duncan Solo competition

Marta Witiw: Elegy Of Fear

Silvio Gazquez: #MayonesDuncan guitar solo competition

Brian Auer: highintel Mayones/Seymour Duncan Solo Contest

Bagus Nugroho: Mayones Guitars, Seymour Duncan - Solo Competition

Max Gorelick: Mayones/Seymour Duncan Solo Contest 77,000+ views!

Chris Vogagis: The Mayones Regius/Seymour Duncan Competition - nearly 19,000 views

Darius Wave: MayonesDuncan guitar solo competition - take 2

Sam Bell: Mayones/Duncan Contest - using the lap top to capture the solo