Sam Bell: Mayones/Duncan Contest - using the lap top to capture the solo

Here is my entry for the contest, my girlfriend convinced me to put it up, i am not to fond of my solo, but the jam track is really fun so might as well give it a shot! There are SO many awesome guitarists in this contest, its been really inspiring watching all the other entries, the level of guitar playing these days is so high which fantastic!

(My normal camera is broken, so I had to use my laptop camera, sorry for the bad quality. Like all my videos, this is a live take, half composed half improvised, so there are some nasty bits in here)

Mayones/Duncan Contest 2013 entry Sam Bell #MayonesDuncan

I was playing around with a riff for a new tune today, it turned into a backing track, here is a live jam over said backing track. Enjoy!

Old Greg" Improvisation by Sam Bell