Greg Howe: Open Guitar Clinic announced for UK - Come And Get It!

In this very exclusive London clinic, hosted by Greg X Wimbeldon School of Guitar, Greg Howe will inspire you to become a better guitarist and he will be on hand to answer any of your question related to music or guitar, touring, Mike Varney/ Shrapnel Records.
If you love jazz and fusion You can be reassured that you too will feel like at home since this this is Greg Howe’s main guitar discipline.
Also if you are a fan of blues you are welcome since Greg’s music has always been about great blues phrases and lines.
Are beginners welcome – What about Non-Guitar Players
Hell Yes !!! To be part of this awesome guitar experience You absolutely don’t have to be able to play the guitar at a high level at all , in fact if You are more of a music fan right now and perhaps don’t even play guitar at all it’s absolutely cool.
Maybe Greg Howe will inspire you to finally at long last start to change that.
Greg will share with you his music journey from beginner guitarist up to one of the most advanced and acknowledged musicians of the 20th and 21st century; literally covering the years leading to his very first record deal with Shrapnel Records in the 1980s, and beyond.
As a beginner you will get some important insights and ideas on how what key mistakes you should avoid to make the switch to an intermediate player faster.
Do you struggle with improvisation on guitar?
If you struggle with improvising on guitar Greg Howe will show you how to develop some seemingly smple and yet very powerful musical ideas that will impress even advanced players. Playing guitar is all about fun and you can be sure that there are some guitar shortcuts Greg will be sharing with you – Musical Ideas that You will be able to Implement, allowing You to make the most out of Your Musical Time.
What is There for Intermediate guitar players?
As an intermediate player the focus will be on helping You to Transition quicker to the advanced level. You might even learn some guitar tricks that will provide for You a key breakthrough to allow You to play better instantly!
Howe About Advanced Players?
If You are already an Advanced Guitar Player You will find out how to become a consistent guitar player not only at home but also in the Studio and also on tour.
Greg has an extensive tour experience, in many diverse Musical situations from playing at the Eddie Lang Jazz Festival through to even the king of pop himself : Michael Jackson!
Greg will also share some of his insights and unique experiences in his music career that will allow You to avoid mistakes too many advanced guitar players make in their music careers that sadly prevent them from fullfilling the Career Potential. This Guitar clinic will advance your guitar skills immediately and you will get a lot of powerful yet easy to understand information to go home and implement in your Guitar Playing, Your Music and Your Career.

Greg Howe Performs "Come And Get It"