Rick Graham: Hybrid Sweeping Sequence

Cris Bertini: Jam - classy Italian jam!

Jess Lewis: Rabbit - This Town Needs Guns

Dan Parise: Parise1 - Rock CD with killer solos

Enrique Berdonce: Guitar Playback - tasty soloing

Richard Hallebeek: to appear on Sebastiaan Cornelissen DVD

Rowan J Parker: Outside Improvisation

Morgan Pettersson: 8th Live4guitar guitar contest

Andee Blacksugar: "Sublime 2 Ridiculous In Em

Ricardo Marins: Bogner Goldfinger 90 - Alfa Channel - tasty!

Hard Alexandre: Eagle's Master Clean MTS Series 771

Sam Bell: Ibanez RG2228A - Axis Guitar - Mask of Judas

Khan Manuel - The Message - the new album

Chris Bieniek: Shell Voicings

Norman Guy: Instrumental from the Wrecking Company

Sergio Paganini: Funk Fusion Jam

Claudio Pietronik: Improvisation over Tom Quayle's backing track

Elias Vilianen: demos ESP / E-II Sig.model

Eric Gales: Interview - Pinnick Gales Pridgen

Dannyjoe Carter: New album due shortly

Lyle Watt, Rob Chappers,Rabea Massaad: Dorje - Breath

Kyoji Yamamoto: Little Wing - 2013

Phil X, Guthrie Govan: The drills - superstition with an extra guest!

Divaldi Addina: The Coming Storm - World Vision

Christopher Moore: precision in motion - classy sweep etudes