Remy Hansen: Jamming Racer X Songs - until they reform this will have to do!

Panos Arvanitis: Speed licks-Guitar Building-Neoclassic patterns

James Norbert Ivanyi: 'ubuntu' - APHASIA 2013

George Marios: Rocking out with Zivory Custom Guitars at Box Studios in London

Joe Stump: Raven Lord - Fighting For Freedom - including lyrics

Elmo Karjalainen: playing to Gary Moore style Backing Track

Chris Bieniek: Club meet Fusion

PJ d'Atri: trying to get it right...and failing

Claudio Pietronik: Andy James - Vortex Mind

Guthrie Govan: Ner Ner - Guitar Performance Live - Licklibrary Webcast

Jake Hertzog: Timeline Live At The Bitter End

Rick Graham: 50 Essential Pentatonic Sequences

Eric Calderone: William Tell Overture Finale/The Lone Ranger Meets Metal

Scott Mishoe: Back From Hell - more insane soloing

Tom Quayle,Stuart Bull: Las Vegas - the dagger jam

Andrea Maccianti: "Alien Skull"

Scott Grove: Peavey Power Slide Lap Steel Dobro

Dhalif Ali: DiMarzio Cruiser DP186 - more ballad metal

Lorenzo Venza: using hybrid to spice up your alternate picking metal solos

Meytal Cohen: Stretch goals for campaign

Robyn Zahra Lowzley: Solo Ukulele - Ugly

Michael Angelo Batio: that Quad Guitar - motorized and laserfied

Niko Tsonev: insane boogie woogie

Chris Timms: Sleepless Emprovisation

Jimi Hendrix,Merrell Fankhauser: Merrell revisits Jimi Hendrix's Legendary 'Rainbow Bridge'

Faraz Anwar: Live at Base Rock Cafe 2013 - series

Marcel Coenen: Delusion - tribute to Shawn Lane