News: Guitar Idol top 100 announced

Tim Henson,Scott LePage: Muse the new album coming soon.

Antonello Giliberto: announces new album

Alex Berserker: Chasing Dreams - Drumstep + EDM Guitar - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Tasos Sokorelis: Original Song - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Tristan Klein: Not Dead Yet - guitar idol 4 entry

Greg Howe: Maragold - Lullaby - Official Lyric Video

Damjan Pejcinoski: Cause we've ended as lovers live

Joe Bonamassa: Interview Different Shades of Blue Album Preview

I Wayan Balawan: stunning guitar for new album - Shawn Lane and Marshall Harrison fans take note.

Richie Allan: Clinic Albany MusicWorks 20 July 2014 - awesome Ninja guitar

Dick Wagner: former Alice Cooper guitarist dead RIP

Steve Morse, Neal Morse, Dave LaRue, Mike Portnoy: Flying Colors - Second Nature - Album Trailer

Nicanor Villanueva: The Ultimate Power - Guitar Idol 4

Felix Martin: Ferrana - inspired by Jason Becker’s song Serrana - two handed insanity

Alessandro Galdieri: Multiamp Demo by DV Mark Ambassador - super beefy tones

Richard Hallebeek,Gary Husband,Jimmy Johnson,Peter Fernandes: 'Your Truth' sung by Jason Roze

Nili Brosh: performs "Silence of Saturday" for EMGtv

Zakk Wylde, Gus G, James LaBrie: Metal All Stars - special one-off UK concert at O2 Academy Brixton, London

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Aristocrats - We are starting work on a live album!

Vinci Bluesky: Flying in the clouds - Guitar Idol 4

Deepak Moktan: Megha/Black cloud - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Jose Rubio: Nova ERa - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Steelianos: Needle Bites - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Serge Safo: Street Racer - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Sebastian K: Julian - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Puguh Kribo: Rises again - Guitar Idol 4 enry

Guillermo Sader: Acid Recovery - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Leonardo Guzman: Cookieland - NOW! Guitar Idol 4 entry

Morgan Reid: Almost Infamous - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Tony MacAlpine: Interview - The Double Stop Podcast Episode 24

Simone Dow: Voyager announce UK date in Camden London - be there.

Andy Gillion: Mors Principium Est - announce Japan Tour 2014

Mamoru Morishita: Condor 1997

Paul Gilbert: Interview from Rock Company TV

Xander Demos: unmixed new XDB track called, "The Phoenix."

Sam Birchall: solo 4 with tab and some great improvisation on that sweet blue .strandberg*

Lee Wrathe: Ibanez RG-9 BK 9 String - Monster Review