Felix Martin: Ferrana - inspired by Jason Becker’s song Serrana - two handed insanity

This song was inspired by Jason Becker’s song Serrana.

He was one of my main influences when I was learning
the "sweep picking" technique on the guitar, so I decided
to pay tribute to him and also develop my own technique
for this.

There’s an explanation for music nerds at 2:48.

For all musicians, the technique consist of playing the
Root and the 5ths with the first hand (Blue Dots) and
the 3rds and 7ths with the second hand (Green Dots)

Since I'm dividing the arpeggios half and half between the
two hands, it is easier to play really precise and fast.
Be aware that playing 7th arpeggios this precise at this
speed using regular "sweep picking" would be really hard.
That's the main reason why I came up with this technique.

I tried to use almost every 7th arpeggio on this tune.
The fingerboard is from a regular 7-string guitar.

Drums by Phillip Galatioto

Ferrana - Felix Martin (7th Arpeggios)