Steve Sjuggerud: In Your Eyes - As recommended by Jason Becker

Fidel De Jesus, Jim Karlo Li: Dark Crayola - Transcendence I: Sacred Unison

Emir Hot,Tina Hristova: Emir Hot - Synergy - Filmed in London 2014

Irene Ketikidi: ripping it up on Martial Arts & Magic Tricks live

Joanne Shaw Taylor: one of the best from the new wave of female blues gives a guitar masterclass

Guthrie Govan: Chip Ellis Discuss Guthrie's Signature Charvel NAMM 2015

Misha Mansoor: New Signature Jackson Guitar NAMM 2015

Jason Richardson: shredding up ESP NAMM 2015

Richie Kotzen: RK5 Interview Gold Rush Live from NAMM 2015

NAMM: New Schecter Guitars for NAMM 2015

Dave Weiner: Awesome & simple Tapping Lesson

Rick Graham: Legato Gains

Richard Daudé: Random Shred - legato style

Francesco Fareri: GHS Strings - Virtual Mind - NAMM 2015

Chris Poland: OHM playing at eminence booth at NAMM 2015

Allan Marcus: Frying out KSR Amplification NAMM 2015

Ola Strandberg: New Strandberg Boden OS Line NAMM 2015