Tyler Lunnon: Guardians by Day Three, Dusk - progressive metalcore Australia

Martin Miller: "The Other End" solo album snippets

Rob Scallon: Megadeth - Holy Wars - Shovel version!

Dallton Santos: Brazilian Instrumental Power Trio with Felipe Andreoli and Bruno Valverde

Mick Gordon: DOOM: Behind The Music

Tom Quayle: The Guitar Hour Competition - you have to be in it to win it!

Tony MacAlpine,Austin Peralta: in full flow - CAB song for my friend - baked potato 2012 featuring the late Austin Peralta

Jem Godfrey: Frost* set to release their long-awaited new prog album 'Falling Satellites'

Lalle Larsson: New album in the making!

Derryl Gabel: Breath of Life with special guests

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - An Experience of Inestimable Value - plus live dates

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Toxic Twins strike back at Lucky Strike Live.

News: Boutique Profiles presents lesson packs with content provided by well known with spanish guitarists

Vinnie Moore: Two fan sites for Vinnie and UFO have moved to a new domain

Floyd Fernandes: Clemedia Sisters - Catchy title for Holdsworthesque performance

Jack Thammarat: Eye in the sky - One of my favorite song and solo from The Alan Parsons Project

Saverio Pietropaolo: tapping it up at a Rock'n Roll Show

Jordan Rudess,Marc Bonilla: Keith Emerson Official Tribute Tarkus

Daniele Gottardo: "Koko" stunning performance from the new album

Tristan Klein: MXR studio compressor on a bogner helios 50 clean channel - digging deep on the blues

Tony Macalpine, Bunny Brunel,Chad Wackerman: Cab Temperamental with the late Austin Peralta on keys

Mike Salow, Hedras Ramos: Ideology - "Oxygen" with Hedras Ramos - progressive metal from Minneapolis

Brad Jurjens, Nikki Stringfield: Dia De Muertos - rocking metal!

Su mi Lee: Queen bohemian rhapsody - beautiful classical guitar version

Oh Ji Hyun: Beyond 2 anniversary of the event - Sunny

Michael Angelo Batio: coming soon... you know you want one!!

Tom Quayle: Elba - The clock is ticking, fuse is lit!

Alessandro Benvenuti: Ripping for the The Elba Triangle - The clock is ticking on the fundraiser!

Ron Thal, Zendhy Kusuma: perform Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love

Andrea Maccianti: jam over Marco Sfogli BT - Improvisation Late into the Night - neighbours asked for an encore!

Millisa Henderson: Jack Thammarat - Mr. Frontman - Great performance

Ihsahn: Frozen Lakes on Mars - Aristides 080s playthrough

Keith Merrow: Seymour Duncan Forza Overdrive Pedal

Sergio Paganini: Sky Driver/Orange Place - Tone Test Sky Driver - boost overdrive orange place - crunch overdrive

Niko Tsonev: Japanese Fernandes guitar fitted with a Sustainer - Violin tones on tap!

Pilla Sousa: Neoclassical - performance playthrough Shred Guitar

Pete Pachio: Bad Karma progressive metal EP from Chicago - includes limited edition physical CD

Matthew Sickels: Hybrid pentatonic lick 7's and 5's - sick licks

Paul Gilbert: Interested an a true rock and roll experience - Record with Paul Gilbert!

Ron Thal, Zendhy Kusuma: Lir Ilir performed at the Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta Indonesia 2016

John Huldt: Bare Knuckle Pickups - Impulse

Carl Verheyen: Guitar Icon and Supertramp Legend announces North America Summer Tour 2016!

Lari Basílio: Moko Kahaan - by Maati Baani - Stunning all female ensemble celebrating International Women's Day

James Norbert Ivanyi: Country Shredneck, Funk Fusion and Gojira - Silvera

Joe Bonamassa: Broome County Forum - Binghamton, NY 2016

Roger Pedersen: Sweep Sheep - live from my basement

Allen Hinds: Guitar Techniques magazine (1080p HD)