Jeff Pogan, Mike Pupillo: Oneironaut by Oneironaut - ambient instrumental progressive metal from Florida

Devin Townsend: hilarious wise cracks from NAMM 2016

Sean Ashe: Performance for Tom Anderson Guitarworks - NAMM 2016

Rob Chapman: Chapman Ghost Fret - Victory BD1 - tasty rocking NAMM 2016

Steve Vai: BOSS Waza Amp Steve Vai Legacy Tone Capsule - Interview at Winter NAMM 2016

Jahan Tabrizi, Chris Foster: Owls & Hexcodes by Tiberius - guitar playthrough

Steve Vai: Guitar Gods in Miami Beach, Florida 2016

Yngwie Malmsteen: Guitar Gods in Miami Beach, Florida

Torje Amundsen: chromatic half-whole fascination - never offer to pay this guy by the note

Per Nilsson: Singularity All blues on red - .strandberg*

Joe Bonamassa: Bona Jam Tracks - "Dust Bowl" - great insight into the writing and performance

Matt Powell: Kingdom Guitars - Eternal - an original progressive metal tune

Gustavo Di Padua, Francisco Falcon: CMGP JAM - End of a day of classes time to shred on out!

Scott Jones: Convergence GTR and DRUMS - masterful fusion performance

Adrian Galysh: The Blue Jungle - Live from the Baked Potato in North Hollywood

Jared Dines: 15 seconds of fame... get your shred on...

Andre Nieri: Suhr Modern Pro HSH Sound Demo

Lin, Kyosuke: Abstracts - Hologram Official Music Video

Johnny Beane: Kramer Pacer chat with Dave and Rob. LIVE 2/25/16

Chris Broderick: Axes and Anchors Gear Gods interview

Aynsley Lister: 20 Gritty Blues Licks!

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - Live from Lexxi's Mom's Garage Audio CD + Film DVD now available

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Pitts/MInnemann Project "The Peacekeeper" Playthrough

Jeff Kiesel: Carved Top Run Announcement

Scott Mishoe: Funky Slap Lesson 3