Damjan Pejcinoski,Tum Siamrath,Bryan Aspey,Jack Gardiner,Joop Wolters: Shred This Too... you know the drill... Shred This Three coming soon.

Magnus Olsson: Shred This Too... a judges view

Rick Graham, Magnus Olsson: shred this judges appear on new CD and bunch of other crazy players

Marco Sfogli: shred this too!! COMPETITION!!!

Magnus Olsson: vibrato the heart of guitar playing?

Magnus Olsson,Guthrie Govan: took some astonishing photos from the recent show in Denmark

Milan Polak, Phi Yaan-Zek,Magnus Olsson, Richard Hallebeek, Ron Thal, Guthrie Govan: the liquid note years

Magnus Olsson,Guthrie Govan, Mattias IA Eklundh: Denmark clinic!

Anton Lindsjö: wins solo crazyness competition

Fendermania: tribute to roy buchanan

Magnus Olsson: is the man! fuzz 2009 compilation

Magnus Olsson: all warm and fuzzy!

Mattias IA Eklundh: tremologic tapping session

Magnus Olsson: is the man! fuzz 2009

Johan Randén: fuzz 2009 5 of the best

Magnus Olsson: plus freak kitchen at fuzz 2009

Magnus Olsson: kiss, was magnus their secret guitarist

Magnus Olsson: en liten beck

Magnus Olsson: the man in the hat is back, with tip top tap and a hat full of clinics for ya...

Adam Lajoie: fluid from the great lake