Mattias IA Eklundh: tremologic tapping session

Tapping session with TremoLogic guitar by Mattias IA Eklundh at Fuzz guitar show 2009

Mattias IA Eklundh's tapping session with TremoLogic

TremoLogic™ is the world’s first tremolo system with individual string effect! This means that you can create totally new effects never done or possible before! For example, you can bring one string up and one down at the same time.
At the same time the feeling of TremoLogic™ is comparable to a fixed bridge, things like tone, sustain and tuning are outstanding!

With the whammy-fingers, you get a “quick” and “easy to access” feeling. This because the movement of the finger is much smaller compared to a standard tremolo-arm, and because of the fact that you just affect one string per whammy-finger. This means that you easily can choose if you want a really quick response with heavy pitch-change or a smooth and sensitive response.
Another favorite among the TremoLogic™-users is the very fast string-changes - you never need to worry about complicated string changes anymore, just change the strings, tune and you are done! With a floating bridge you might need to adjust the angel of the bar when you tune the guitar, this adjustment is impossible without affecting all strings. With TremoLogic™ you tune one string at a time, if you need to adjust the whammy-fingers; you easily adjust one at a time without the other strings being affected.

Column below is a summary of some of the features with TremoLogic™.

TremoLogic™ simplifies changing strings

TremoLogic™ eliminates that the guitar becomes unplayable if a string breaks

TremoLogic™ improves the tone of the guitar, with better resonance and sustain, compared to conventional tremolo systems

TremoLogic™ keeps the guitar in perfect tune without any lockings at all - no tools needed when e.g. changing strings

TremoLogic™ allows you to swiftly change tunings for open chords or e.g. a "drop D"

TremoLogic™ gives the guitarist a unique tool to develop a new sound and new techniques with greater possibilities of musical expression

TL Promotion is proud to present TremoLogic artists. Sound and videoexamples will be presented at the TremoLogic gallery. For more information visit their websites.

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