Marcel Coenen,Sergey Boykov,Jonas Tamas: OSV 5 - available now!

This is by far the best OSV album to date!! If you are a fan of virtuoso music this CD is for you!! One of the best guitarist on the planet Marcel Coenen and the AMAZING keyboardist Sergey Boykov have joined full force with founding visionary members of OSV bassist Steve Sexton and drummer Gary Oppert. If you are a fan of cutting edge music like Dream Theater, Rush and instrumental progressive/fusion music this album is for you!! This is one musical journey you do not want to miss....if your a fan of creative music that transends time ( Dream Theater, Planet X, Maiden, Sabbath, Rush, LTE., and all the Varney Guitar Music) this CD is a must buy!! This album is for real music lovers that love real music!! Be Aware!! Not for the faint of heart!! (note) Brilliant instrumental guitarist Jonas Tamas make a guest appearance as well!

Marcel Coenen,Sergey Boykov: OSV 5

1. Revelation 2:12
2. Andromeda 5:07
3. Presence of Mind 5:20
4. Silent Ages 4:04
5. Millennial Grace 4:42
6. Desert Rain 4:46
7. Red Horizon 4:07
8. Ascending Angels 3:12
9. From the Everlasting 3:55
10. Valley of Rephaim 4:21
11. Set in Stone 3:18
12. Afterthoughts 2:45

Marcel Coenen - Tracking guitars for new OSV material
Keyboards- Sergey Boykov * Bass guitar- Steve Sexton
Drums - Gary Oppert

Marcel Coenen tracking guitar for OSV