Jonas Tamas: Time Less Hour new CD, featuring a host of top guitar players

Jonas Tamas has been signed to the digital division of Steve Vai's label Favored Nations. Here is a quote from the homepage of Digital Nations, which from now on will take care of the worldwide distribution of 'Timeless Hour', the new instrumental guitar album of Jonas Tamas:

Welcome to one of your biggest discoveries. The fact that you are here and reading this is not a coincidence. Do you can imagine a song which is a mixture of John Petrucci from Dream Theater and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd? What would you expect if you would take the soaring melodies of Neal Schon and blend it with the technique of Steve Vai?

Jonas Tamas is a promising new guitar talent from Hungary. He has got an incredible technique, combined with an extraordinary melodic feel. We are glad to having Jonas in the roster of Digital Nations, because we are sure that he is on the beginning of a stellar music career. He has got everything to become a guitar hero of the coming years - most importantly a totally fresh and innovative new sound, and a unique way to compose and play instrumental rock guitar music.


From today, the new album of Jonas Tamas 'Timeless Hour' is available on iTunes and Amazon. The long anticipated new album of Jonas Tamas contains some of the finest stars of the rock music scene: Troy Stetina, Brett Garsed, Andy James, Mattias IA Eklundh, Thorsten Koehne, Marcel Coenen, Mischa Mang, and Sergey Boykov. Another quote from Digital Nations:

The new album ''Timeless Hour'' is the astonishing result of almost 2 years of inspired work and dedication. The songs of the new album are all masterpieces of their own, ranging from progressive metal frenzy (''Borderline'') to modern rock tunes (''My Mind Is Up''), from slow and melodic songs accompanied with piano (''Chance'') to songs filled with insane runs and arpeggios (''The Unbreakable'').

You can get the album and listen to previews of all the 10 songs on the following links: (iTunes) (Amazon)

Album tracklist:
01. Rules of Thumb (5:01)
02. Debate (6:18)
03. All Night Pass (7:02)
04. The Unbreakable (7:37)
05. Chance (5:03)
06. Platinum (5:39)
07. Farewell (6:08)
08. Borderline (8:19)
09. Space Walk (5:54)
10. My Mind Is Up (5:00)

Guest players on the album:
Sergey Boykov: keyboard solo on tracks 03, 08, piano solo on track 04
Marcel Coenen: guitar solo on track 01
Mattias IA Eklundh: guitar solo on track 02
Mischa Mang: backing vocals on track 04
Troy Stetina: guitar solo on track 04
Thorsten Koehne: guitar solo on track 04
Brett Garsed: guitar solo on track 07
Andy James: guitar solo on track 08
Mats Haugen: guitar solo on track 08