Albert Houwaart: 8 string demo track posted

Dreamfullofzen: watch out jacket potato type people

Luca Selitto: Stamin - Two of a kind - melodic prog metal

Tom Quayle: Empress Super Delay Vintage Modified and Fibenare 'Tom Quayle' Roadmaster Build

Rusty Cooley,Joseph Stachurski: Day of Reckoning is back!

Paul Gilbert: Pronghorn.. er Vibrato, tentative Euro/US release dates

Johan Randén: Country Maniac - scary player alert!

Matt Warnock: Tritone Sub Mixolydian Scale Pattern lesson

Keith Merrow, Pete Pachio: win a Keith Merrow sig guitar from Seymour Duncan

Alberto Rigoni,Simone Mularoni: Free Falling

Chris Brooks: Master Plan in FLAC format, get one of the best rocj fusion albums of the last decade

News: Jon Lord Live4Guitar tribute show announced

Christophe Godin: endorsing Gruvgear FretWraps

Laura Klinkert: Hard Rock Solo

Tosin Abasi, Andy James, Paul Antonio Ortiz, The Commander-In-Chief, Orianthi: Top Ten Modern Guitar Gods right now

Jason Sadites: Kenny Aronoff, Bryan Beller, Martin Motnik and Adam Nitti announced for the new album

Jimmy Herring, Victor Wooten: new album and tour dates

Jonathan Terrell: Not In The Face - rock blues

Brad Russell,Joe Satriani: Debut CD 'Let's Hear It'

Panos Arvanitis: demo from upcoming solo album

Pipo Ledesma: jams over Brett Garsed - I got the horn

Darko Jurković Charlie: two guitar, two handed jazz tapping

Arnaud: Street Fighter 2 Guile theme metal guitar

Robin Trower: delays UK tour dates