Luca Selitto: Stamin - Two of a kind - melodic prog metal

"Two of a kind", second album of Italian melodic/progressive metal band STAMINA, is now available in digital format for the first time! It was released in physical format on October 8th 2010 by German label Ice Warrior records and features Danish singers Henrik Brockmann (ex ROYAL HUNT, EVIL MASQUERADE, MISSING TIDE) and Kenny Lubcke (ex NARITA, ANDRè ANDERSEN, CORNERSTONE) as very special guests.

Stamina from Italy made a new CD 2 years after their début album Permanent Damage with Two Of A Kind

The album is released by Ice Warrior in Germany. You can find 12 tracks on the album include 3 bonus tracks. This album is a powerful one with guest musicians Kenny Lubcke (Narita, Cornerstone and Royal Hunt) and Henrik Brockman (Missing Tide, Evil Masquerade and Royal Hunt).  After the impressive intro starts Eyes of The Warrior. This song is a great album opener, follows by Burn Your Fear where you can hear Henrik Brockman.  On Track no 4 Too Tired To Live you can hear acoustic guitar which sounds very beautiful in my eyes. At the end of track 5 Power of Love Georgio’s vocals are very strong and powerful! Supremacy is one of my faves of the album. A very divers song , up tempo with lots of guitar riffs and drums. Maker of the Universe, song 7 is a quiet song which begins with a guitar solo a great and nice various song.  Black Moon 7.53 is a fantastic song with lots of changes and elements with acoustic guitar and cello. Absolute my fave! Heart Of The World is the last track on this album. A real prog/rock song with a solo on Hammond Organ which follows in a fantastic guitar solo. You can find 3 bonus tracks: Maker Of The Universe, sang by Kenny Lubcke Too Tired Too Live, sang by Kenny Lubcke And When The Feeling Is Real (demo) Exclusive Bonus Track for Ice Warrior Records. 

Stamina Are:
Luca Selitto – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Georgio Adamo – Lead and Backing Vocals
Andrea Barone – Keyboards
Roberto Chiumiento – Bass
Additional Musicians are:
Alessandro Becati – drums (Vitalij Kuprij)
Umberto Siniello (drums, track 1 and 2)
Alfina Scorz – Female Backing Vocals
Ilaria Adamo – Female Backing Vocals
Matteo Parisi – Cello
Special Guest:
Kenny Lubcke – Backing Vocals Tracks: 2, 4, 7 and 10 and Lead Vocals on Bonus Tracks
Henrik Brockman – Lead Vocals Appearance on Track 3
Cover Design and photos by: Vittorio Citro
All songs written by Luca Sellitto!
Conclusion: If you love Prog/Rock then this album I recommend to you! (visit "Music Store" section)

For fans of: Symphony X, Royal Hunt, Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen, Angra, Stratovarius, Elegy

STAMINA - Black Moon (with lyrics)