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News: guitar world joins web 2.0, you can too


A lot of bloggers will have noticed referrers from guitarworld in their web statistics... so what gives?... well it appears that Guitar World has realised the value of guitar bloggers from around the globe and their ability to deliver guitar information quicker than printed magazine could ever achieve and quicker than their internal 9 to 5 staff could ever post. So is this good or bad for bloggers? Only time will tell, from my perspective it achieves one of my core missions... the promotion of guitar playing... so from that perspective it's great. The downside? well you could be an unpaid employee of guitar world... you decide.

On the basis of "if you can't beat them join them..." I set up a guitar blogging group... so bloggers of guitar please join!

Wim Roelants: vegas city rockers

Looks like Wim Roelants has a new band. The band entitled Vegas City Rockers is an All Star Band featuring :

* Vocals : Jay Bolan
* Guitars : Wim Roelants
* Bass : Jamie Hunting
* Drums : Chris Frazier.

Rusty Cooley: hillbilly in sepia

Rusty Cooley live playing his track, Hillbilly Militia... for some reason in sepia... may be it's an old video? Can't wait for Rusty and Derek Sherinian to fire it up with their new band... yes that' right they have a new band ... Planet X2 anyone?

Rusty Cooley - Hillbilly Militia

Greg Howe: clinic update

Greg Howe posted a clinic update... after talking about shred, now learn how to shred:

April Clinic/Masterclass with Greg Howe - date added!
A last minute clinic/masterclass has been added for April 19th in Wilmington, N.C.

Come visit Greg at one of the below dates in April:

Thursday, April 16th in Lexington, S.C. at Musician Supply:

Saturday, April 18th in Raleigh, N.C. at Raleigh Music Academy:

Sunday, April 19th in Wilmington, N.C. at Music School of Wilmington:

Rafael Nery: guitar idol 2009 semi's drawing new material

Looks like guitar idol 2009 is set to draw out even higher quality material as players prepare for the smi final... the last push to grab a seat at the final in LIMS, London.

Rafael Nery - Be Aware of the consequences

Steve Vai: from guitarist to apiarist

For those in the know... bees are dying out... but why? May be because Steve Vai is a bee keeper... or may be not... you decide!

Steve Vai - Beekeeper!

Jason Becker: let there be rock


Ron Coolen says:
I am so glad you are all still with me on this MySpace ! After finishing my Charity Marathon run for Jason last November , I have been very busy preparing for a new Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Radio Show called 'Let there be Rock' on a Dutch Radio station... it comes with a live internet stream so practically anybody in the world will be able to listen to the show. Of course I will use this show as a platform to promote Jason's music as well, so the good work for Jason continues !!! The first show is the Tuesday March 31 !

For this purpose I have started another MySpace page, it is called 'Let there be Rock' (of course) and you can reach it by clicking here. Please feel free to have a look and to connect as a friend !

For your information, in this Blog I have posted the Press Release that was issued to announce the start of the show. It would be great if you could listen in to the show, send me your feedback and requests and to have you as a regular listener !!

‘Let there be Rock’, a new Rock & Metal radio show with a global reach !

By means of this Press Release we are delighted to inform you about a new radio show on Boschtion FM. Starting on March 31, Boschtion FM will present a weekly 2 hour hard rock & heavy metal show called ‘Let there be Rock’. We are convinced that this show fulfills a large existing need of many rockfans in the area of Boschtion FM With the available live internet stream, ‘Let there be Rock’ has a global reach and can be heard by every rock lover on the planet.

Our listeners
The aim of ‘Let there be Rock’ is to serve as many rock fans as possible by playing a wide range of the best rock music around. Whether it’s old or new music from famous or unknown bands, or whether it’s hard or extremely loud stuff, we will play anything we like and/or our listeners want to hear. Our ambition is to involve our listeners as much as we can, by making ‘Let there be Rock’ highly interactive. We have a website, a blog, we Twitter and we host an SMS service.

Bands interested in radio airplay
All bands interested in airplay on ‘Let there be Rock’ is welcome to submit their music to, preferably in .mp3 format. A biography is appreciated. If we like it, we will play it, simple as that.

For our Media partners
‘Let there be Rock’ aims to become a loyal partner to a wide range of media partners by bringing bands, fans and media partners together. We will cooperate with venues, rock & metal websites, festival organizations, promoters, advertisers etc. Media partners interested in utilizing the global reach of ‘Let there be Rock’ can contact Ron Coolen at

General information
‘Let there be Rock’ is broadcasted on Boschtion FM Station, which has a reach of 500,000 listeners, and is hosted by Ron Coolen. Boschtion FM uses the following frequencies: Cable FM 87.5, and Radio FM 95.2.

‘Let there be Rock’ is broadcasted every TUESDAY from 9 – 11PM CET. Different times apply to our listeners of the internet stream that live in different time zones:
- Every TUESDAY: London 8 – 10PM, New York 3 - 5PM, Los Angeles Noon – 2PM, Rio de Janeiro 5 – 7PM, Moscow 11PM – 1AM
- Every WEDNESDAY: Tokyo 5 - 7AM, Sydney 7 - 9AM

Contact information
- Bands, Media partners and Press can contact Ron Coolen at or +31-(0)6-52325893.
- Listeners can send their requests, remarks and suggestions by sending an SMS (send: ‘GO ROCK + ‘your message’) to 3010, or send an e-mail to

- Website ‘Let there be Rock’:
- Live internet stream:
- Twitter:
- E-Mail:
- Subscribe to the ‘Let there be Rock’ Blog:
March, 2009

Greg Howe: is there truth in shredding?

Great to hear that Greg Howe is a fan of Oscar Peterson, Charlie Parker and Niccolò Paganini, may be not surprising really... in a recent psot for premier guitar, the first of a series for the online magazine Greg discusses

Greg Howe says:
Anyone familiar with my music knows that I enjoy fast playing as much as any diehard “Shred” aficionado. It’s fun and it’s cool, but I just don’t place it on a pedestal. It’s simply one of many things to do. Most accomplished musicians, on any instrument, have the ability to turn on the afterburners when the need arises. But with non-guitar-playing musicians, the ability to pump out notes at high speed seems much less likely to be viewed as having any more or less value than the other many abilities they likely possess.

As a guitarist who is often associated with the delivery of speedy licks, you might think that I’d automatically denounce those who walk tall in their no-shred picket lines. You might expect that I’d have a quick response to any suggestion that shred too often happens at the expense of musicality—and I probably would if it weren’t for the fact that those accusations are quite justified. Heck, I myself am guilty more often than I care to admit. The good news, however, is that these shortcomings can often be remedied simply by shifting perspective a bit.

I can only speculate that a category called “Shred” encourages the development of a sort of “speed at any cost” mentality. Perhaps there’s no need to assign blame. I think we can all agree, however, that a large percentage of licks that lend themselves to speed are void of much musicality. Instead, they’re built around the use of various mundane sequences executed within overly organized shapes and predictable diatonic patterns solely for the sake of securing note rapidity. In such cases, these licks have little to no appeal when played at anything but ultra-high speed. In fact, in such cases their sole appeal is the speed.
full post

Shawn Lane: restoring faith

My hard disk got fried over a year ago... finally I have form of storage that is a little more resilient than it's former counter part. As a result I hope to post a number of videos that were recovered... only problem... no meta information... so first up a brace of videos from the late, great Shawn lane in fine form playing live 10-10-1992... no doubt willjay will no the name of the show... and may be what Shawn had for breakfast.

Shawn Lane: live 10-10-1992

Shawn Lane: live 10-10-1992 II

Chris Poland: ohm at tone merchants

Some good quality video posted... lets hope there's more.

Ohm @ Tone Merchants - Joog

Steve Vai: zappa plays zappa

9 videos in this live show back from 2006 featuring Steve Vai and Dweezil Zappa.

Zappa plays Zappa: with Steve Vai

Carl Culpepper: aim 1995 part II

Carl Culpepper performs Temporary Insanity at a clinic at a music store for the Atlanta Institute of Music in 1995.

Carl Culpepper: guitar
Dave Makely: bass
Noah Hungerford: drums


Victor Lafuente: festival concert videos

Victor Lafuente posted 10 videos from his recent gig in Tunis.

Victor Lafuente , Live au Festival Méditerranéen de Guitare de Tunis le 23/03/2009 Hommage

Conrad Hultermans: inner cd


Conrad Hultermans and a new cd pls 4 live videos recorded during the release of the "Inner" CD in the Musicstore De Waterput in Bergen op Zoom

Conrad Hultermans says:
If you are interested in a copy or for more info, please mail to; My influences are Steve Morse, Alex Skolnick, Satch, Vinnie Moore and Steve Lukather, Style, of everything, Shred, Non-Shred, pop, rock, metal etc.

Conrad Hultermans: Musicstore De Waterput

1.Song For Alex
2.Summer In Your Eyes
3.9 11

Alex Skolnick: blogger and secret bon jovi fan!


Alex Skolnick is a blogger:

All of a sudden, like a speeding time machine bound for 1987, Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer" came over the speakers. As the 'whoa' sound of the guitar (courtesy of a nifty device known as a 'talk box') permeated the lounge, we were faced with a dilemma: should we be good little metalheads and request a 'fast forward' to the next song? Should we walk out the door and continue visiting the other buses? What should we do?

In a show of mutual solidarity, a split second decision was made. Several of us, including myself, Jason Bittner from Shadow's Fall and Matt Zebroski from AS Trio, who was visiting, locked arms and started singing the first line "Tommy used to work on the docks...the union's been on strike, he's down on his luck it's tough." As the song reached the chorus, we were all singing to the camera (held by our friend Frankie, who was filming everything) screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs like European soccer fans. It was as if we were the striking union workers in the song, and we banded together to fight the system. For these few moments, the world was ours and we could do whatever the we wanted, even committing the ultimate metal crime: rocking out to Bon Jovi.

"Guilty as charged. But dammit it ain't right.**"
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Alex Skolnick - The Evil Has Landed solo (Testament)

News: downloading killing guitar playing


Bravewords highlight the problem of downloading for lion music. full post... this is a list of illegally downloaded CD's... imagine the amount of artist development / new music that would be around if people just paid for their music. This sort of loss for a label like Lion Music is dreadful... and don't forget it might be your CD or DVD next.

Stolen Music
TWINSPIRITS - The Music That Will Heal The World -- 3297 illegal downloads and rising
SUN CAGED - Artemisia -- 3233 illegal downloads and rising
TEARS OF ANGER - In The Shadows -- 2504 illegal downloads and rising
SEVENTH WONDER - Waiting In The Wings -- 2339 illegal downloads and rising
SECTION A - Parallel Lives -- 1926 illegal downloads and rising
TOMORROW'S EVE - Mirror Of Creation II The Genesis -- 1545 illegal downloads and rising
MIND'S EYE - Walking on H20 -- 1345 illegal downloads and rising
SPHERE OF SOULS - From The Ashes -- 1316 illegal downloads and rising
SEVENTH WONDER - Become -- 1178 illegal downloads and rising
VITALIJ KUPRIJ - Glacial Inferno -- 1339 illegal downloads and rising
NIGHTSCAPE - Symphony Of The Night -- 725 illegal downloads and rising
MOONLIGHT COMEDY - Dorothy -- 662 illegal downloads and rising
FROM BEHIND - Game Over -- 588 illegal downloads and rising
ENGINE OF PAIN - I Am Your Enemy -- 477 illegal downloads and rising
VENTURIA - A New Kingdom -- 304 illegal downloads and rising

Magnus Karlsson: primal fear cd news


Frontiers Records proudly announces the release of PRIMAL FEAR new studio album 16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead) on May 22nd in Europe and June 9th in the USA.

Anticipated by a successful listening session held in Cologne, Germany, attended by the cream of the European Metal press, the new album is about to bring back Primal Fear to the throne of Heavy Metal. 16.6 is easily the most powerful, ambitious and interesting album in the band’s history. The vibe of songs like the opening track “Riding The Eagle”, “Killbound” or “Under The Radar” are reminiscent of the “Nuclear Fire” album but eh whole album features all the trademarks of the Primal Fear sound a the total dedication to pure Metal. There is also a new approach mixed with the trademark PF riffs in tracks like “Six Times Dead (16.6)”, “Soar”, “Smith & Wesson” as well as the epic stories, consummate musicianship, courage and fantastic melodies in songs like “Black Rain”, “No Smoke Without Fire”, “Torn” and the stylistically new ballad “Hands Of Time” with 4 band members all sharing the lead-vocals.

“Our target was to write and produce the most diverse and interesting album in the history of Primal Fear and combine our past with the future” says Mat Sinner. ”The result went truly beyond our expectations and it will be a huge challenge to play these new songs on stage! The entire band is very proud of 16.6 and we hope all our old and even new fans will be totally satisfied!”

Some of the feedback gathered from the press after the listening session include:
“Primal Fear top themselves one more time again with their unique mix out of traditional Metal sounds and modern melodic power metal. How can do they that again and again?” Andreas Schöwe (Metal Hammer Germany)

"Primal Fear manages to take at least one step forward, one backward and still stand for what Primal Fear always has been standing for - pure metal." David Bergström (Sweden Rock)

“First impressions: more variety without losing the Metal balls! Fresh blood and ideas combined with the Primal Fear trademarks, outstanding vocal performance by Ralf again and great guitar work by both Magnus and Henny. Some immediate live favourites, other tracks definitely need time to grow, but sound more than promising and won't disappoint any metal fan that wants more than easy listening stuff” – Martin Römpp (Heavy! Germany)

“To date “16.6.“ is Primal Fear ‘s most diversified record; containing a spectrum from Hard Rock up to double-bass driven Power Metal Songs. But one thing is always consistent – the quality!!! – Gerald Siebenmorgen (Rock It, Germany)

"As the cover artwork shows, Primal Fear ride fiery bullets, play with demons...and fly on butterfly leaded wings. '16.6' marks the evolution of groundbreaking hard rock and power metal, filled with open-minded styles. The Devil knows they're alive!" - Filippo Pagani (Metal Hammer, Italy)

After the Primal Fear / Sinner show in Moscow on April 4th, the band will appear in Norway on April 25th at the Haugesund Festival and in some summer Festivals. More shows are being booked in South America (with Sinner) in August, USA incl. PPX and the UK in September, followed by Europe kicking off at the end of in October(with Brainstorm) plus Japan & Asia t.b.a.

More news, confirmed dates in South America and the video report of the listening session soon.

Carl Culpepper: aim 1995


An early performance of Cartwheels (which later appears on Carl's CD, Amplitude) at a clinic for the Atlanta Institute of Music in 1995


An early performance of Kitten with a Whip by Carl Culpepper at a clinic for the Atlanta Institute of Music in 1995


Carl Culpepper plays Hammerblow at a clinic for the Atlanta Institute of Music in 1995. Dave Makely on bass; Noah Hungerford on drums.


Damian: goldberg variation in stereo

Damian (AKA the D) performs a classical composition with integrity and distortion on his Carvin DC727.

Goldberg Variations Varitio 1 a 1 Clav J S Bach

Rod DeGeorge: guitar train


Performance of the song Mr. E. Train from my Instrumental release, Cosmic Playground. Played on the Handle Guitar from XOX Audio Tools (

:There must be a lot of monkey bars and turbo-tube slides in DeGeorge's playground. It's fun to zoom through all the melodies, wah stabs, keyboard flurries, shred bits and harmony solos, and then collapse with giddy exhaustion."
-Guitar Player magazine

"If there's justice in the world, Rod DeGeorge will be one of the brightest stars amongst 21st century new guitar heroes...this is one of the hottest guitar instrumental records in the last few years. A must buy, no doubt about it!" - 10 out of 10 points.
HammerWorld Magazine, Hungary

"Check out this adventurous young fella: his playing is very exciting, and his technical proficiency is quite admirable."
-Elliott Randall (Steely Dan/Solo Artist)

"It almost frightens me about what we may see in the future from this incredibly talented musician. Cosmic Playground is more than a calling's a full-on statement of purpose that he has arrived and demands your attention"

"Rod DeGeorge is by far one of the most prolific talents I have come across in a long time. His international flavor is sure to become a heavy influence on future artists for years to come"
-Twisted Voice

"I would pity the Devil if he ever made his way from Georgia to Pennsylvania cause as bad a time as he had with Charlie, he would just be thrashed by Rod!"
-Sea of Tranquility

"Rod DeGeorge has the potential to be a big guitar hero like Steve Vai or John Petrucci. Points: 15/10 (no, not 10...15!!!)"

Instrumental Guitar - Mr. E. Train by Rod DeGeorge

Wellington Vilhena: expomusic 2008

Guitar Idol 2009 Heat 1 finalist Wellington Vilhena is back.

Wellington Vilhena "Snowboard" Stand NIG Expomusic 2008

Homero Bittencourt: tribute to planetx plus!

A song from Planet X played by the Brazilian guitar player Homero Bittencourt

Planet X - Ignotus Per Ignotium - by Homero Bittencourt

plus a cover of a song from australian guitar master Peter O'Mara

Peter O'Mara - Kangaroo - by Homero Bittencourt

Dave Martone: rob balducci and dave weiner at mi

Dave Weiner, Rob Balducci and Dave Martone discuss MI

Weiner, Martone, Balducci - Triple Guitar Clinic

Allen Hinds: musicians institute lessons

I have to say I love Allen Hinds and his melodic technique! Musicians Institute instructor Allen Hinds gives the mini lesson "Slide & Stretch Lick".

Allen Hinds (Guitar) - Slide & Stretch Lick

Musicians Institute instructor Allen Hinds gives the mini lesson "Developing Legato Strength"

Allen Hinds (Guitar) - Developing Legato Strength

Chris Poland: ohm live dates

Posted on bravewords

OHM: dates:
9 - The Baked Potato - Studio City, CA
9 - Alva's Showroom San Pedro, CA

A HUGE thanks to all those coming out to shows and supporting live music. The guys have been getting some great attendence and love to play for you guys.

Also for something different and for those want another fix of Chris and Pag's monsterous and adventurous playing, OHMPHREY, a side-project Chris and Pag did over two days in January '08 with Jake Cinninger (guitar), Joel Cummins (keys), and Kris Myers (drums) of famed jambanders, Umphrey's McGee (, will see the light of day via a self-titled cd release in May through Magna Carta Records. There will also be three live promotional concert dates to showcase this exciting project, which you can't miss:

OHMPhrey live:

14 - The Roxy - West Hollywood, CA
15 - SoHo - Santa Barbara, CA
16 - Winston's - San Diego, CA

Chris Poland (Guitar) - OHM, Megadeth speaks about Musicians Institute.

Chris Poland (Guitar) - OHM, Megadeth

back to earlier times!

Megadeth - Wake Up Dead (Music Video)

Megadeth 12 part interview