Guthrie Govan: night of the guitar II

Kudos to Mark McGuigan for spotting these

Guitar Night II - March 28, 2009

Opening of the Casa de Cultura de Peralta by Jose Castro and Guthrie Govan. Impressive concert by one of the best guitarists there is now worldwide, Guthrie Govan (Chelmsford, England, 1971) winner of "Guitarist of the Year" by the magazine "Guitarist Magazine's".

Sorry about the video quality may not be the best, but imagine for a moment that you are sitting in an auditorium, relaxed, surrounded by about 200 people and simply enjoying the music.

Guthrie Govan - Live1 - 28 de Marzo de 2009

Guthrie Govan - Live2 - 28 de Marzo de 2009

Guthrie Govan - Live3 - 28 de Marzo de 2009