Wednesday, 24 June 2009

George Marios: in love with robin williams guitars!

A great time at the Robin Williams guitar stand... these guys really know how to build guitars, but they're fun with it too!

Rob Williams has been building guitars and basses to rave reviews since 1984. His career began with John Diggins at Jaydee Custom Guitars in Birmingham. From there he went to the USA, teaming up with Hideo Kamimoto as a warranty repair technician for most of the major US brands including Gibson, Fender and Ovation.

Returning home in 1990, Rob set up the very busy guitar repair shop at Musical Exchanges in Birmingham until 1992 when Rob was taken on by Patrick Eggle guitars as a technician, rapidly rising through the ranks to become Technical Director. In 1995, having gained considerable experience and expertise, Rob embarked on a solo project, setting up ‘Woodworm Music Products.’

Now trading under his own name, Rob is still producing top quality custom built guitars and repairs as well as offering hi now standard models including the much raved about CS4 guitar.

I caught up with George Marios at the Robin Williams stand. We's been out the night before and the day after we were looking for stands for the guitar idol guys to jam on. George was gushing over the quality of this Robin Williams guitar, he loved it! The guys at the Robin Williams stand were brilliant and were more than happy for the guys to jam on the stand, I really felt like lending George the money to buy this guy as he was so in love with it! Check out these awesome Bristih guitars at

George Marios: Robin Williams guitars part 1

George Marios: Robin Williams guitars part 2

Vinnie Moore, Patrick Rondat: milan guitar day on the way

This gig looks like a who's who of Truth In Shredding Players: Vinnie Moore, Patrick Rondat, Miky Bianco, Antonio Cordaro, Alex De Rosso, Carlo Fimiani, Ciro Manna, Alex Stornello,Massimo Varini, Michele Vioni!

Kudos to Chitara blog:
At last we can start the countdown of days that separate us from the next edition of the most eagerly awaited among guitarists: I am of course talking about the Guitarday, which this year has reached its fifth edition.

As players we have two of the greatest Guitar Heroes: Vinnie Moore and Patrick Rondat, who will perform Sunday July 19 at Zoe Club in Milan together with many other great masters of our own six-string, like Massimo Varini, Carlo Fimiani, Alex and Stornello many more.
The event will take place from 16.00 at Zoe Club in Milan in Piazza Anita Garibaldi 13, Milan.
Inside the room will be also an exhibition of international brands and makers of our own high level.

Of note, the presence of progeny, guests of this fifth edition: the progeny, known tribute band Dream Theater, will open the day with their great technique and professionalism.
Inside the Guitarday is expected, as new, the presence of a room dedicated to the testing of the instruments on display: all will come to see, hear and touch the exhibits!
At the end of the event, thanks to collaboration with Cris Music, will be pulled out an electric guitar Dean. Revenue for the event will be donated to Emergency.
The price of entry for the entire event (including the exhibition of musical instruments) is 12 euros.
For info: / guitarday
Massimo "Flash" Sangiorgi 347/7687421
William Malusardi 339/8818169
full post Now if you go... please, please, please take your video camera with you!!!

Hedras Ramos: cool live solo pre guitar idol final!

Hedras Live at Papazitos and Aces High

Jack Thammarat: live on thailand's channel 9, scorchio!

Jack Thammarat reaping the rewards for winning the guitar idol live final, here he's at the live show at Modern 9 TV Thailand

Jack Thammarat Live at Modern 9 TV Thailand

Igor Paspalj: in satch mode

Igor Paspalj says:
I found somwhere this nice backing track, and improvised some Satch a like stuff over it. Hope you gonna like it :)

Ala Satch

Marc Guillermont: space animals cd available

Marc Guillermont Trio: The Space Animals:
Marc Guillermont (guitar, keyboards, programming, vocals); Nicolas Viccaro (drums); Andres Landon (bass).

Marc Guillermont trio "wild seven"

Guitar virtuoso Marc Guillermont shows off his stuff with the Marc Guillermont Trio. This smoking hot fusion CD will surely impress. You have to check this out.

1. Wild Seven
2. Ory 127
3. Monsoon
4. Fossil
5. Parallels
6. Phileas Fogg
7. March Man
8. Parrallels #2
9. Lalia
10. Notekno
11. T.S.A.
12. Life Modulations
13. Jugfu

Jason Sadites: brett garsed on new cd

Jason Sadites with Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Brett Garsed and others: Weve:
Jason Sadites (Guitar), Tony Levin (Bass and Chapman Stick [Tracks 1-5,9,11]), Matt Bissonette (Bass [Track 6]), Martin Motnik (Bass [Track 8]), Kenny Aronoff (Drums [Track 1-3]), Marco Minnemann (Drums [Tracks 4,5,11]), Gregg Bissonette (Drums [Track 6]), Chad Wackerman (Drums [Track 8]), Jerry Marotta (Drums [Track 9]), Brendan Colameco (Drums [Track 10]), Brett Garsed (Guitar Solo #1 [Track 5]), Carlo De Lorenzi (Organ [Track 4]).

Following up his first release 'Orbit', Jason returns with 11 brand new instrumental fusion tracks! This incredible CD features performances by many of the worlds top musicians, including Kenny Aronoff, Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Gregg and Matt Bissonette, Jerry Marotta, Chad Wackerman and Brett Garsed among others! Along with the aformentioned players, Jason displays stunning performances throughout the CD, weaving his strong melodies, tight harmonies and amazing solos over the songs incredible grooves. If you are a fan of great instrumental songwriting combined with truly inspirational performances, this is a CD you won't want to miss!

1. Swarm
2. Self Evolving System
3. Weave
4. Oddly Enough
5. Is It Safe To Go In There
6. Fluid
7. Silent Repercussion
8. That's Gonna Leave A Mark
9. Afterthought
10. Reversal
11. Reversal

Trey Gunn: ktu new cd

KTU featuring Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto: Quiver:
Kimmo Pohjonen (vocals, accordion); Pat Mastelotto, Samuli Kosminen (drum programming).

Finnish accordion daredevil Kimmo Pohjonen joins Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto (of King Crimson) forming KTU (pronounced"K2"). "Quiver" follows their debut "8-Armed Monkey" and features Samuli Kosimen, of Iceland band MuM, and three tracks mixed by Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson. •David Fricke of Rolling Stone calls them "a robust tumult of Northern Lights sparkle, white-wolf guitar wail and rolling knotted thunder." Fricke writes, "When I saw KTU in Europe, they were as powerful and transgressive as the killer King Crimson. Pohjonen is a wonder unto himself: animating his wind song with pedals and processing; attacking the bellow with the ecstatic fury of Jimi Hendrix."


1. Fragile Sun
2. Kataklasm
3. Nano
4. Quiver
5. Purga
6. Womb
7. Wasabi Fields
8. Jacaranda
9. Aorta
10. Miasmaa
11. Snow Reader

Christophe Godin: jazz for the deaf cd

Morglbl: Jazz for the Deaf:
Christophe Godin (guitar); Ivan Rougny (bass); Aurelien Ouzoulias (drums).

What would you call a power trio that veers seamlessly between shredding peaks, jazzy moods, and fat funky grooves? Mörglbl of course! Often compared to Primus meeting Steve Vai, Mörglbl hits like a heavyweight jab and makes you laugh while you bleed! Mörglbl is the punch you don't see coming!

Packaged in a limited edition digipak, "Jazz For The Deaf" is the fourth album from the world-renowned French jazz metal trio. This band with the unusual name is led by virtuoso guitarist Christophe Godin. Virtuoso bassist Ivan Rougny is complemented by the double bass of new drummer Aurelien Ouzoulias. With the release of "Jazz For The Deaf", Mörglbl has created an album with cross genre appeal. Fans of shred and fusion Gods like Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai or Freak Kitchen's Mattias Eklundh will find much to sink their teeth into.


1. Mörglbl Circus (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
3. Borderline (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
4. Myspacebook (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
5. Stoner de Brest (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
6. The Bleach Boy (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
7. The Monster Within Me (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
8. Jäzz for Deaf People (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
9. Point d'Org
10. Hell's Balls
11. Untold Stories
12. My Little Man

Jack Thammarat: robin williams guitars!

Play Rob Williams Set Neck Standard Guitar at Rob Williams Guitar Stand in LIMS with Black Star Amp

Jack Thammarat meet Rob Williams at LIMS

Daniele Gottardo: wins the Steve Vai guitar idol prize!

Owen Edwards says:
The Steve Vai' Guitar Idol 2009 Award goes to...

Daniele Gottardo - more info to follow. I am very pleased that Vai was blown away by him: again some more info and quotes to come...

This literally just announced - so you read it here first!

Lorenzo Gottardo, Daniele's father says:
"It is a great news! We are very happy ....."

Steve Vai,Phil Hilborne: photos from the lims live show

Pre Show Phil Hilborne arrives with Jan Cyrka from blues jam tracks and no mean guitarist himself!

Thanks to Phil Hilborne for these photo's of the live show... Phil tells me that the show was a blinder but I missed as I thought it was only a two song set... while it was actually 10 songs!

Phil in guitar face mode

Phil cops a look to steal some of Steve Licks

Steve cops a look to steal some of Phil's licks

Jam time, Steve and Phil mid wail!

News: shredding across the world III, it's like this blog got recorded!

Yes another new CD from those guys at Shredguy Records and it's full of Truth In Shredding featured players!


HOWEVER two online stores are taking preorders for them...

The top guitar music online store is taking preorders as is Impulse music has been the top online store for hard rock and heavy metal for years! Big shout out to Steve and Impulse for carrying our product.



Andy James: live all over the place!

licks library and sacred mother tounge's Andy James came to College of West Anglia last year to give a guitar demonstration when turned into a battle of the sweep pickers

Andy James (sacred mother tounge) vs. the mighty Frosty in a Guitar Battle

Sacred Mother Tongue Andy James Lead Guitar Download Festival 2009

Sacred Mother Tongue - Two Thousand Eight Hundred live at Hammerfest 2009

John Eric Champion: back for more fusion jam

My lifelong friend John Eric Champion playing his best work ever. This stunning fusion masterpiece is masterfully done, the technique and arrangements are at a genius level. Sit back and enjoy this wonderful work of art! I am posting this clip without his permission I hope He doesn't get upset at me. If that is the case, then I will have to remove it. Count yourself fortunate if you got to listen to it. ENJOY!!!!


Charles Shaughnessy: chopstix jam session

A groovy, bluesy jam session with the house band. Rafael Tranquilino - Guitar Charlie Shaughnessy - Guitar



CHOPSTIX JAM SESSION June 3rd (smooth jam)

Robben Ford: blau 1997

An oldie but goodie featuring Robben Ford!

Robben Ford- German TV '97

Patrick Rondat: ibanez live clinic!

Patrick Rondat demonstrating for Ibanez Guitars. Enter to view more videos, watch some pics, read personal info...

Donkeys Island

Tethys (Part 1)

Tethys (Part 2)

Mateus Starling: improv lesson in portugese

Europe is bathed in sunshine, so it must be weather for guitar right? Well same for Brazil too, how about a little improvisation lesson for my friends in Brazil!


Marius Pop: blues"berry"jazz jam

Great to see the talented Marius Pop back again with a nice summer time jam!

Marius Pop blues jazz jam

Rob Chappers: signature guitar announced, 500 guitars for monkey minions!!

Rob Chappers says:
Wow this is bloody exciting, I don't have a clue where to start...

*Takes deep breath*

Ok... So I have a tradition of being open about my career so that others who follow will have an easier time of it. You guys are the first to hear of this, I will be making a Youtube video about this very soon but I wanted you guys to know now

So here is my story. Last week I played my first ever Faith Guitars clinic, actually made it this time ha ha... I was supposed to be joined by the marketing manager but unfortunately he couldn't make it, so his boss the director of Barnes & Mullins was there in his place. Barnes and Mullins is a huge distributer to Europe and Asia, they distribute Faith, Lag, Hofner etc

Anyway... The director was very impressed with my work at the clinic, and had been keeping tabs on my "Youtube career". After a few long hours of acoustic widdling and meeting Essex Minions he took me to Mac D's for lunch. I was just munching some fries when he said that he believed I was the beginning of something new... a "Youtube personality", he had seen it before when Radio Caroline came out, and again when TV introduced channels 3, 4 and 5. I was the new thing that the industry needed and he wanted to work with me to mutual benefit.

So he looked at me and said, "I'd like to make you a signature guitar, anything you want. We'll start off with 500 guitars at around the £250 price range and if they sell ok we can make some more models"

I almost shat in my pants, took a deep breath and accepted immediately Bruce, which is his name, totally understood exactly what Orange did not! The internet is where business is now conducted, and the pioneers on the social networking sites are the future of the music industry. So...anyway, Barnes and Mullins own a guitar brand called "Gould" which is a very low end beginners brand. They basically slowed it down and only make strat and Les Paul copies... They intend to relaunch Gould with a Rob Chapman Signature Guitar. Brand new website, image, marketing campaigns, guitar magazine reviews... the whole works. And I will be at the front of it all with my brand "Chapman Guitars - By Gould".

Fender, Gibson, Chapman ha ha ha

This is clearly a huge deal for me, this will basically develop into my own brand... I intend to get Eddie involved in the follow up models. I am going to launch with a Strat type guitar and in the nature of me I would very much like to involve you guys, and since it has basically given me a career Youtube as well, in the design process.

So far I have decided on a Maple neck and board, Swamp ash body, Wilkinson Strat trem (I will include a wooden block with each guitar in case they want to block it off like me), Volume pot/Kill switch combined, Bolt on, no tone controls, Bridge humbucker (A brand), and two single coils. But what would you guys like to see?? Seriously I will read everything you suggest and some of it may influence me because you guys are smart. For example color, headstock shape, Fret type, neck profile?? I am working on the design with Alex from BandM who is also manager of Faith guitars for them... he is very pro Money Lord and even suggested we had the MLF logo on the body somewhere or even as a sticker included with the guitar

Now as a result of this and due to the fact that B&M now have me on a wonderful retainer to demo their gear up and down europe, I have had to leave ESP. I was sorry to leave them, they were an excellent company to work with and extremely generous... I am keeping Ziggy & Cokie (Thanks ESP) and sending back Rain and Secret. Obviously this is no refelction on their gear.. it is still killer, I just cant be contracted to them and selling my own brand of guitar.

I am NOT contracted to anyone else, nor will I be. Even though I have my own signature guitar in the making, it is very important to me that I am able to play what I want, when I want especially when working with Eddie is concerned. So you can look forward to seeing me with Gibson, PRS, fender etc in the forthcoming DVD (Mostly Eddies vintage collection of Gibo and fender )

If I play my Chapman guitar it will be my own choice and not through contractual obligation.

Anyway, a huge thank you to you guys for your support, to Barnes and Mullins for their vision and to ESP for their understanding.

Let the fun begin

The "Rob Chapman/Monkey Lord" signature guitar

Igor Paspalj: improvising!

Igor Paspalj says:
Just improvising a bit on some Guthrie's backing track. Couple of mistakes in playing, of course :)

Improvising - part I

Glenn Proudfoot: cool chord coverage

Guitar Chords using the thumb in front of the neck and over the top. Creates more piano style chords for guitar.

Guitar Chords - Glenn Proudfoot - Prazsky Vyber