Vinnie Moore, Patrick Rondat: milan guitar day on the way

This gig looks like a who's who of Truth In Shredding Players: Vinnie Moore, Patrick Rondat, Miky Bianco, Antonio Cordaro, Alex De Rosso, Carlo Fimiani, Ciro Manna, Alex Stornello,Massimo Varini, Michele Vioni!

Kudos to Chitara blog:
At last we can start the countdown of days that separate us from the next edition of the most eagerly awaited among guitarists: I am of course talking about the Guitarday, which this year has reached its fifth edition.

As players we have two of the greatest Guitar Heroes: Vinnie Moore and Patrick Rondat, who will perform Sunday July 19 at Zoe Club in Milan together with many other great masters of our own six-string, like Massimo Varini, Carlo Fimiani, Alex and Stornello many more.
The event will take place from 16.00 at Zoe Club in Milan in Piazza Anita Garibaldi 13, Milan.
Inside the room will be also an exhibition of international brands and makers of our own high level.

Of note, the presence of progeny, guests of this fifth edition: the progeny, known tribute band Dream Theater, will open the day with their great technique and professionalism.
Inside the Guitarday is expected, as new, the presence of a room dedicated to the testing of the instruments on display: all will come to see, hear and touch the exhibits!
At the end of the event, thanks to collaboration with Cris Music, will be pulled out an electric guitar Dean. Revenue for the event will be donated to Emergency.
The price of entry for the entire event (including the exhibition of musical instruments) is 12 euros.
For info: / guitarday
Massimo "Flash" Sangiorgi 347/7687421
William Malusardi 339/8818169
full post Now if you go... please, please, please take your video camera with you!!!