Christophe Godin: jazz for the deaf cd

Morglbl: Jazz for the Deaf:
Christophe Godin (guitar); Ivan Rougny (bass); Aurelien Ouzoulias (drums).

What would you call a power trio that veers seamlessly between shredding peaks, jazzy moods, and fat funky grooves? Mörglbl of course! Often compared to Primus meeting Steve Vai, Mörglbl hits like a heavyweight jab and makes you laugh while you bleed! Mörglbl is the punch you don't see coming!

Packaged in a limited edition digipak, "Jazz For The Deaf" is the fourth album from the world-renowned French jazz metal trio. This band with the unusual name is led by virtuoso guitarist Christophe Godin. Virtuoso bassist Ivan Rougny is complemented by the double bass of new drummer Aurelien Ouzoulias. With the release of "Jazz For The Deaf", Mörglbl has created an album with cross genre appeal. Fans of shred and fusion Gods like Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai or Freak Kitchen's Mattias Eklundh will find much to sink their teeth into.


1. Mörglbl Circus (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
3. Borderline (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
4. Myspacebook (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
5. Stoner de Brest (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
6. The Bleach Boy (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
7. The Monster Within Me (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
8. Jäzz for Deaf People (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
9. Point d'Org
10. Hell's Balls
11. Untold Stories
12. My Little Man