Monday, 7 September 2009

Silman Marak: blazing away

Silman is from Tura, Meghalaya. He currently works in Mumbai for a music equipment company and also happens to be the first non-Japanese to be certified by Ibanez in their two-week guitar maintenance course.

Silman Marak blazing away

Silman on Yellow Guitar

Mount Memories - A Beautiful Guitar Instrumental by Silman Marak - With shots from Shillong

Tom Hess: shred guitar solo Unique neoclassical shred guitar solo

Shred Guitar Solo

Carl Verheyen: cooking the taters!

Carl Verheyen band playing "Down Like Hail" live at The Baked Potato, North Hollywood, CA on 9/5/09 Carl Verheyen - Guitar Dave Marotta - Bass Walfredo Reyes - Drums

Carl Verheyen Band - Down Like Hail

Pete Pachio: desolation sect shred solo!

Pete Pachio says:
Check out a new solo of mine!
At The song is lucidity(not mastered). I take the first solo from 3:41-352. Hope ya enjoy it, and STAY METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simone Fiorletta: metallife interview

Your new CD features Labyrinth keyboardist Andrea De Paoli. How was it working with Andrea?

I've already had the honor and pleasure of working with my dear friend Andrea on the previous album "My Secret Diary". Collaborating with him is both enjoyable and satisfactory: enjoyable because, being good friends we always have a good time together, and it also is satisfactory because the end result fulfills all of my needs and expectations, musically speaking.

At this point I would like to introduce the other members working on this album. Two of them, although in their early twenties, are very skilled: Marco Aiello on the drums and Matteo Raggi as a bass player. Other important guests played an active role in my album, such as the renowned guitar hero Neil Zaza, Mistheria (B. Dickinson and more), Armando Pizzuti and Valerio D'Anna from Moonlight Comedy, and Fabrizio Auri.
full interview

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g sun set strip appearance with ozzy


Rock legend OZZY OSBOURNE will now be opening AND closing the second annual SUNSET STRIP MUSIC FESTIVAL (SSMF), set for September 10, 11 and 12. The three-day festival will kick off when OZZY is honored at a tribute event Thursday, September 10 at the House of Blues and then OZZY will perform the festival’s final set Saturday, September 12. That’s when, for the first time ever, The Sunset Strip (between Doheny Drive and San Vicente Blvd.) will be closed to host two concert stages. KORN, PEPPER, THE DONNAS and KOTTONMOUTH KINGS are among the 40 acts performing throughout the day.

OZZY’s appearance will mark his first full performance on The Sunset Strip in almost 40 years and his first ever as a solo artist. Back in 1970, Black Sabbath performed a five-night stand (November 11-15) at the legendary Whisky A Go-Go as part of their first U.S. tour. His career has spanned four decades and his music is as relevant today as ever. The multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide--50 with Black Sabbath and as many as a solo artist--and in 2003 was honored with a star on Hollywood Boulevard’s “Walk of Fame.”

Anticipation for OZZY at the SSMF 2009 is already building: his immortal image is now displayed on one of the largest billboards in Los Angeles. It hangs high above The Sunset Strip spanning 12-stories (6,500 square feet tall) off the east side of the famous 9000 Building directly across the street from The Roxy Theatre and Rainbow Bar & Grill. The signage will be lit at night allowing for its viewing from miles away.

On Saturday, September 12, there will be 40-plus music acts throughout the day performing on two stages set up on the street and on club stages within the street closure – Key Club, The Roxy Theatre, Cat Club and Whisky A Go-Go. Tickets are available now for a discounted price of $39.50.
SSMF is sponsored by Virgin America, V Australia, Andaz West Hollywood, 98.7 FM, Miller Lite, Ticketmaster, Jack Daniel’s, LA WEEKLY, Signature Creative, City of West Hollywood, West Hollywood Marketing & Visitors Bureau, Whole Foods West Hollywood, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Art Guitar.
Twitter: @SunsetStripFest / @TheSunsetStrip

Milan Polak: murphy's law instructional video coming

Free video lessons!!! Attention guitarists! Milan is planning to record free instructional videos. Plz let us know which solos of the new CD "Murphy's Law" you would like to learn. The 5 ones demanded the most will be explained on video and posted. "Murphy's Law" is available at GuitarNine. Please check out for further order links.

Kermheat, Manu Livertout: infernal jam

This video is from the DVD of the french magazine "Guitare Xtreme" mach 2008 issue.
Just an electro groove and then .... madness

Kermheat & Manu livertout "infernal Jam"

Stephan Vidi: give me a riff!

Give me a riff competition entry

News: two cool web sites:

I love guitars, and I love to share. From expensive luthier-built guitars to run of the mill $100 guitars, I love them all. I also get a kick out of talking about guitars, taking pictures of guitars, building guitars and making the odd video or two... Guitars I should never have sold!

I hope that you will find this site to be a friendly and valuable resource for all your guitar needs:

Guitars For Vets:
Guitar for Vets is a non-profit organization that provides free guitars to our members of the armed forces who were hurt either physically or mentally - or both. Please help us support this great cause by donating and visiting:

Marshall Harrison: special bound tab available!

Marshall Harrison says:
On this Channel you will find the sum-total most interesting gems that I have troweled out from the firmament of the galaxies. Whether from mathematics to guitar to piano to Literature (kidding about the last one).

About Me: *** IMPORTANT ALERT****
If you enjoy what I do here and want to continue to see more, Please send a donation to me (via ) at
Whatever you can impart monetarily will be used for future DVDs, recordings, and research (musical).

**** TAB NOTICE ******
Tab from the Youtube Lessons:
1 Legato Hybrid Combination
2 Five note per string ideas
3 Advanced Hybrid picking I
4 Advanced Hybrid picking II

along with Transcriptions of Chopin, Shoshtakovich, Czerny, Paganini, Alkan pieces ARE available in my Music compilation book. This COIL-BOUND volume contains my favorite trancriptions and is available for a limited time (only 50 were produced). Get yours now by sending $25 to via DONT FORGET TO SEND your SHIPPING address!!!! with the paypal order

Marshall Harrison: dawn of the shred!

Marshall Harrison:
Here is some remotely musical guitar wonkeng. BUY My NEW tab/transcription book. See my youtube profile page for details! or just send $25 to via and INCLUDE YOUR address. If you master the book then you can probably shred pretty hard (with the London Philharmonic). This video was made in order to feature the limitless possibilities spewing forth from the Conklin 3/4 scale 7 string. Comments about my squinty face will be squinted at. you are warned
... insane lickage!

Dawn of the Shred: Marshall Harrison

Juan Jose Pelegrin: give me a riff

GIVE ME A RIFF COMPETITION: Dr. Bender the crazy bionic guitarrist entry!

Marshall Harrison: big bossa man with added shred goodness

Marshall Harrison: "Because of the positive response for the first take, I decided to upload another take which had more SHREDdy-type licks." very enjoyable track... again more super fluid playing.

Marshall Harrison: Big Bossa Man II (Steve Vai EyHo)

Marshall Harrison: big bossa man!

Marshall Harrison: says:
I like how this improv unfolded. When it came to playing min pent up maj 3rd, notice how I played blues licks instead of the standard min pent scale. I had no idea it would sound as good as it did; as for the rest of it, you be the judge. lots of legato and hybrid picking not so much sweeping.
Another great example of his economy picking!

Marshall Harrison - Big Bossa Man

COMPETITION: subway bandit give me a riff chalking up the entries

Wow, Rob Chappers must be over the moon!! Only been a couple of days but we're already onto 49th track entered and knowing youtube foibles this is probably lower than the number actually posted! Check out the full list: I'll try and post TIS featured players where I can and the better submissions!

Victor de Andres: subway bandit give me a riff

Give me a riff competition Victor de Andres

Marshall Harrison: he's back in a big way - guitar gallery

Marshall Harrison says:
Here are most of my guitars accumulated through years of excessive spending. Noticeably absent is the Conklin 8 string with fanned frets (which I would near kill to have back). Also gone is the GMW-Moser made by Lee Garver; I would love to have that guitar back.

Marshall Harrison's Main Guitars

David Gilmour: creating money

Fantastic track, described in detail! Still stands up today!

Pink Floyd members discuss recording "Money"

Zack Kim: every breath you take

I'll Be Missing You (Every Breath You Take)

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g gets another ozzy gig!

Gus G. will perform for the second time with the OZZY OSBOURNE on Saturday, September 12th at the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles, California.

Ozzy Osbourne live blizzcon 2009 part 1

Ozzy Osbourne live blizzcon 2009 part 2