Warren Robert: new CD

Warren Robert
Mozart - Requiem (CD)

In 2005, Canadian guitarist Warren Robert recorded and released an album of experimental shred guitar instrumentals entitled "Thoughts And Realities". It featured melodic tunes, complex textures and orchestrations and fast shred guitar playing. Topping sales charts on Guitar Nine Records, this first solo release earned Warren a reputation as a both a melodic shred guitarist and as a modern composer. After releasing "Music From The Void" in early 2009. Warren realized a performance of W.A. Mozart's "Requiem Mass in Dm KV626". The Mozart - Requiem recording is an arrangement of the full mass for orchestra, with all choir and soloist parts performed on the electric guitar. This album was released to the public in September, 2009. Robert is trained in orchestral composition and leads an active career as a composer for film, television and live theatre. He has written the music scores to over 80 international documentaries. Warren has also done a great deal of studio session work on a variety of projects in many musical styles, and still teaches guitar to a handful of keen players.

Track List

Introitus: Requiem (5:54)
Kyrie (2:30)
Sequenz: Dies Irae (1:52)
Sequenz: Tuba Mirum (3:53)
Sequenz: Rex Tremendae (2:20)
Sequenz: Recordare (6:02)
Sequenz: Confutatis (2:40)
Sequenz: Lacrimosa (3:17)
Offertorium: Domine Jesu (4:12)
Offertorium: Hostias (4:57)
Sanctus (1:29)
Benedictus (5:03)
Agnus Dei (2:58)
Communio: Lux Aeterna (5:43)