Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sloth Chubsteen, Slimer, Chunk: a blue christmas

Sloth Chubsteen says:
This video goes out to G3. We hope they do another tour this year. Well, If they don't we will still be jamming! I call this piece "elementary school blues" I am 9 years old and have been playing for 6 months now, hadn't touched a guitar for two weeks when my brother filmed this. Jump to the 6:20 mark is when it starts to get good!

This is what guitar playing is all about! Jamming with family and friends sharing the love of music! This was the first time i messed around with tremelo picking in the style of EVH and Shawn Lane! Happy holidays and thanks for watching!

Shred Junior wishes the G3 crew all the best for the Christmas season.

G3 2010- Slimer, Sloth, and Chunk

Shane Gibson: fuchs viper gets a spanking

Fuchs Viper -100 Demonstration by Shane Gibson of Korn

Reb Beach: winger Sala Ritmo y compas 12-12-09

Reb Beach: winger Sala Ritmo y compas 12-12-09

Richie Kotzen: BB King's NYC July 28, 2009

Richie Kotzen - You Can't Save Me (Live @ BB King's NYC July 28, 2009)

Richie Kotzen - Sara Smile (Live @ BB King's July 28, 2009)

Richie Kotzen - All Along The Watchtower (Live @ BB King's NYC July 28, 2009)

Rob Chappers: stick to it!

Rob Chappers says:
We headed to Stick's home studio to record Phantom Power and Breath. Three days of Teken, Wipeout, Chinese food and shred ;-)

Recording Phantom Power solos - Monkey Lord Vlog

John Petrucci: Dream Theater Zoppas Arena

Dream Theater - A Nightmare To Remember Live @ Zoppas Arena 1/2

Dream Theater - A Nightmare To Remember Live @ Zoppas Arena 2/2

Dream Theater - The Count Of Tuscany Live @ Zoppas Arena 1/2

Dream Theater - The Count Of Tuscany Live @ Zoppas Arena 2/2

Dream Theater - The Dance Of Eternity Live @ Zoppas Arena

Dream Theater - Wither Solo Live @ Zoppas Arena

Orianthi: win a signed PRS!!!

I should not be telling you about these as this decreases the likelihood that I will win!!!!

Prize Details

Orianthi Signed PRS Guitar

Model: PRS SE Custom 24

Color: Whale Blue

Description: Maple top and flame maple veneer, mahogany back, 25” scale length, 24 fret maple wide thin neck, rosewood fretboard with moon inlays. Features a PRSdesigned tremolo, humbucking pickups, volume & tone control, 3 way toggle and includes a gig bag.

Prize Eligibility
This sweepstakes is open to people at least 14 years old.
Sweepstakes Starts
December 03, 2009 @ 12:00 am (PST)
Sweepstakes Ends
January 14, 2010 @ 11:59 pm (PST)
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Tom Quayle, Rick Graham, George Marios, Jack Gardiner: the four musketeers

A big thanks to Martyna Karpinska for posting photos from the bass day Manchester 22/11/09: See the gallery:

Here's one that got away...

News: iphone gets even cooler for guitar!!!

This must-have accessory allows you to plug your guitar directly into your iPhone and 2nd Gen iPod Touch (simultaneously with your headphones) for use with all guitar applications.

The guitarist’s interface fuses your instrument with your iPhone – Now the possibilities are as endless as the apps on your phone. With the Guitarbud even the simple Voice Memos™ app (that comes with your phone) can be used to record riffs or songs anywhere – instantly email your track to your friends. All your apps become more powerful – use your iPod tuner in a noisy crowded bar, record your next tune on the 4-track recorder that’s as close as your iPhone.

This powerful, portable guitarist’s interface, is designed specifically for musicians by Bond Music Research in conjuction with PRS Guitars; makers of PRS Signature Series Cables Guitar Cables.

Guitarbud is lightweight, flexible, and easily fits in your pocket. More than a simple adaptor, this 6 foot special instrument cable allows freedom of movement when you play, and links your headphones with your instrument

Leandro Neme: tribute to andy mckee

Crazy intro to this cover!

Drifting + Flanger (with tab) - Andy Mckee Cover by Leandro Neme

Brian Auer: highintel delivers clean picking

Clean Shred warming up.

Richie Kotzen: by the poll talking guitars!

DVD Extra 1.mpg

Petr Henych: tribute to cream

I love the bit where it looks like the security guy must have move back...

White Room(Cream) - Petr Henych & Dyk je to jedno

Atanas Shishkov: fusion funk jam

More quality playing from Atanas Shishkov. This guys picks some great playing and I love those funky backing tracks.

Atanas Shishkov - Fusion Funk Jam

Ayman Mokdad: music box competition

AYMAN-The Music Box Competition

Milan Polak: TRex Monster pedal competition... update

Milan Polak and myself need some more time... so apologies:
Due to the number of videos entered for TRex Monster pedal competition and other time pressures, we will delay the announcement of the winner to ensure that we see all videos.
We hope this will be within the next two weeks... but as they say... it'll be done when it's done... watch Truth In Shredding for more updates.