Tom Quayle, Rick Graham, George Marios: three guys who made my year

Nearing the end of the year, time to look back, to take stock, to remember what you've done in your life in the previous 365.25 days... things you've seen and done, people you met, places you went and people who made a difference... First up are these three guys... Well this year I was lucky enough to get to the Frankfurt Musikmesse and meet up with Tom Quayle, Rick Graham and George Marios.

When I first got into guitar we used to pass around jam tapes of the top players, like Todd Duane, Shawn Lane, Mario Parga, Milan Polak, Dave Kilminster the list goes on... well the modern idiom means these jam sessions re no longer closed affairs, no, now they are open for all to see and enjoy.

So here are 12 jam sessions featuring Tom Quayle, Rick Graham, George Marios filmed over the period of this year, 2009. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Tom Quayle, Rick Graham and George Marios for taking this attitude to a higher level. Have a great new year guys... and don't forget to video NAMM... and may be I'll make it next year!

Tom Quayle, Rick Graham, George Marios: jam sessions


  1. Awesome videos. Those guys are total monsters O_O


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