Toby Knapp: pre orders of new CD available

Toby Knapp:
"The album we've spoken about so long is done and at the manufacturer. The Campaign is set for a January release. Remember, we've got Attila from MAYHEM, Jeff Gruslin (ex-VITAL REMAINS/GODLESS RISING), Dean Sternberg from INTO ETERENITY (from a few years back) and Tom Cline from NOISE AUCTION - all these vocalists making awesome guest appearances! Great production and a diverse collection of metal tunes (including some new instrumentals).

Pre-orders are available only directly from Shredguy Records, Total pro packaging with lyrics in inlay and photo collage."

As previously reported, Knapp has issued a brief rundown of some of the songs on The Campaign:

"The title track opens the album and is an instrumental bringing Black Metal, Holdsworth and Ritchie Blackmore together with ill intent. Next we have 'Conspire' with Dean Sternberg on vocals, this is one of the best collaborations I have done and a few 'in the know' know it. Evil and melodic without trying. Up next is 'Towards Power Unimagined', an instrumental inspired by the book Seth: Blood Magick. This is a pretty vicious hybrid of true Metal genres and came at no small cost.

Next we have 'We Are Legions' with original Vital Remains vocalist Jeff Gruslin absolutely taking the track to new dimensions, guitars much like Presence / Deathwish era Page while Gruslin sings his song of War. After that it is a track I wrote in 1991, and re-recorded (with technical improvements) 'Telekinesis', thrash meets Steeler-era Yngwie and more hellish holocaust riffs when least expected. The album is so abrasive up to this point it is time for some rock like you haven't heard in years.

'Wicked' sounds like something that may have appeared on Zep's Physical Grafitti featuring vocalist Tom Cline, who mixes ALICE IN CHAINS and Zep resulting in the catchiest chorus I've heard in my music! After this Attila Csihar delivers the nightmare called 'Reanimation', and to hear Black Metal's greatest vocalist scream about rituals of The Golden Dawn over my music really makes the locals seem so............local. After that we have 'Plutonium Race', which is an instrumental that for me, sums up what neo-classical shred is all about, with a track like this, why fill an album with carbon copies?

Move to new musical terrain. Dean Sternberg gets the final track 'Lack of Inspiration' full of riffing that is a fuck you to the modern sound of metal, beating it at it's own game. Dean catches the vibe with angry vocals about; basically every other band is so pissed and dark and heavy and badass. Dean seems to complain that he's not going to fake the 'acid words of the messenger' because as the chorus says 'I have nothing to say that you don't already know.' I won't name the nice little bands putting on the pissed act, but we are actually quite pissed, but by the end of the record, what do you say? Album after album after album about hell on the earth and man's downfall and morals shot to shit, I think The Campaign says something fresh musically and lyrically in an overcrowded scene.

Then again, what do I know? ENJOY!