Michael Romeo: new symphony X progressing

SYMPHONY X are currently writing material for their next studio album, tentatively due mid-2010 via their new record label, Nuclear Blast Records. The band's guitarist, Michael Romeo, tells the SYMPHONY X webmaster that the songwriting sessions are "progressing well." He says that the riffs are written and all the ideas are there; they're just trying different arrangements right now. According to the axeman, "Every day is different; we're just doing our thing and trying to make the tunes cool. You put something together one day and then come back the next day and listen to it; sometimes it's cool, and sometimes it sucks and you have to change things around."

On November 4, 2008, InsideOut Music released a special 5.1 edition of SYMPHONY X's critically acclaimed album "Paradise Lost". The double-disc package includes a DVD 5.1 mix by Jens Bogren of the entire album as well as two enhanced HD videos for "Set the World on Fire" and "Serpent's Kiss".
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