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Emi Gilbert began studying classical piano at the age of three. Her early focus was the Classical Era, especially W.A. Mozart. She won first prize at a piano competition with a Mozart Piano Sonata when she was 12 years old. In addition to keyboard music, she was constantly trying new instruments during her school days, such as flute, alto saxophone, and violin. While in high school, she became fascinated by the power of human voice, and started training her voice by joining the choir. There, she studied The Mass works/Suite music by composers in the later Renaissance and Baroque Era such as Palestrina and Monteverdi. At the same time, she attained skill in pronouncing foreign languages such as Latin, German, French, and Norwegian. since those were used as the lyrics in the music she was studying.

In 1996, she entered Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (English Major in Department of Foreign Languages.) Her interest in languages was so strong that she chose to focus on linguistics, especially phonetics in the later years of her University days. Using her after-school time, she also joined Nichibei Kaiwa Gakuin in Yotsuya, Tokyo (Professional Language Training Center for English) and learned the basics of translating skills. Before graduating from the University, she received a license for English language teaching in Japanese high schools, and the 1st Grade of EIKEN (Test in Practical English Proficiency.) Around the same time, she became interested in jazz music.

In 2000, Emi joined Sony Music Entertainment (currently Sony BMG.) Using her ability in both English and Japanese, she worked for the International Music Department as a marketing coordinator. There she learned the basics of the music business, while building her own network among talented musicians all over the world.

In 2005, she retired from her work, and married L.A. based guitarist Paul Gilbert. She relocated to Los Angeles to start her new life with him. In 2006, she helped her husband record his first solo instrumental album "Get Out of My Yard." In 2007, she officially started touring with him as a keyboardist. Warming up with a show at the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip, she continued with a Japan tour, a G3 Tour with Joe Satriani in the US, a European tour, and a South American tour. In 2008, she contributed to Paul's second solo instrumental album "Silence Followed by A Deafening Roar" as a co-producer, and by playing Hammond organ and piano. To showcase his new album, she toured at the House of Blues in the US, another tour of Japan, and an extensive tour of Europe. So far, she's been on stage more than 150 times. Her interest now is jazz, and salsa music, and she's currently seeking opportunities to work as a solo artist.

Emi is currently studying with John Novello and Gustavo Ramirez.

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