Keith Whalen: scaling new heights

This is a neat way to play and climb scales/modes with the use of a quick raking technique. Using a 3 note per string scale shape you can sweep triads found within the structure of the scale and seamlessly employ alternate picking in the process.

I didn't have the patience to write out the full tab for the exercises but they can be easily discerned by ear considering they are all diatonic and fairly straight forward. The triads are played over three strings and always use the 3rd, 2nd and 1st note of the 3 note shapes respectively to climb. Examples are played for the Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor and Harmonic Major modes.

* You may also shift positions and climb using a varying number of modes or scale positions. You may also employ wider intervals, descend in groupings, phrase to your liking and omit notes to create the desired effect/sound.

Keith Whalen - Modal Scale Climbing

More of the same but two new modes, the Hungarian Minor and Hungarian Major!

1: Hungarian Minor 0:00
2: Oriental 0:14
3: Ionian #2 0:31
4: Locrian bb3 bb7 0:44
5: Double harmonic 0:58
6: Lydian #2 #6 1:10
7: Altered nat5 bb7 1:24

1: Hungarian Major 1:35
2: Altered bb6 bb7 1:49
3: Locrian nat2 nat7 2:03
4: Altered nat6 2:17
5: Melodic augmented 2:30
6: Dorian b2 #4 2:42
7: Lydian augmented #3 2:55

Keith Whalen - Climbing with Hungarian Modes